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Today is the last day to order iPhoto book's before Christmas

If you wanted to order a book of your photos through iPhoto this holiday season, today is the last day to so before the cut off. Customers who purchase a iPhoto book today, December 17, will need to pay express shipping in order to get their book by the 24. Users can create bound books, calend...

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Gro Book knows no bounds

Educate children about the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle with Gro Book, a US$3.99 universal book app about making responsible choices. Imaginative stories are told, in 24 different ways, by Sophie the Sweater, in this wonderfully illustrated and voiced app. Readers are treated to a choose...

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Apple designers discuss their iconic work in web series and e-book

Much has been said about Apple's attention to design. Now has packaged an exhaustive oral history of Apple design in a series of six articles, four of which have been published as of today. The full oral history is also available in a book by Max Chafkin titled Design Crazy, availab...

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New book highlighting Hurricane Sandy to feature only iPhone photos

Yes, the iPhone can take serious photographs. An upcoming book, #Sandy shows the destruction and hardship Hurricane Sandy brought to the East Coast of the US last year, and all the photos were taken by iPhones. The hardbound book has about 100 images by photographers Benjamin Lowy, Stephen Wil...

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Tapsbook gives photos new iPad organizing flair

There are small problems, big problems, and the "how on earth do I organize all my photos" problem. That last one may just prove to be the least tractable, especially for parents of young children who have seen the digital revolution overturn the traditional album, folder and shoeboxful strategy. ...

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America's Cup book dives into Larry Ellison-Steve Jobs friendship

The San Francisco Chronicle has been running weekly excerpts of The Billionaire and the Mechanic, and today's sample (behind the Chron's paywall) is worth a look. This recently-published nonfiction book, written by Chronicle staffer Julian Guthrie, tells the story of Oracle founder Larry Ellison's...

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Cut the barcode scanning cord with CLZ Barry for iPhone

Did you have a New Year's resolution to organize your book collection (again)? It's definitely on the list in our household, but it's a daunting job; we have thousands of books (literally and literarily) scattered across many shelves, basement boxes and a home office, plus another whole library a...

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The Human Face of Big Data: an unlikely subject for a great book

Big data is, like many trendy IT buzzwords, an increasingly nebulous term. The Wikipedia definition, for example, is rather jargonistic and impenetrable. If you read big data conference information you'll typically see a lot of naked commercial stuff that might be terribly important to bigwigs ...

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TUAW Bookshelf: Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion

Dave Taylor's "Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion" offers an in-depth tutorial for OS X power users who have not yet mastered Unix. Written for technically competent readers, it focuses on introducing common command-line tasks. The book starts with Terminal, and then moves on to the basic form...

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DevJuice: Regular Expressions Cookbook enters 2nd edition

Regular expressions are a staple of development. A grammar for matching forms to text, regular expressions are used in Apple development for use with predicates, in validating text entry and more. O'Reilly just released a new edition of Jan Goyvaerts' & Steven Levithan's "Regular Expressions...

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TUAW TV Live: Brett Terpstra reveals Mountain Lion tips

Welcome back to TUAW TV Live! While you may miss the smiling faces of my substitute hosts Kelly Guimont and Doc Rock, you'll get to see my relaxed post-vacation visage as well as that of today's guest -- the one and only Brett Terpstra. I've got the usual avalanche of accessories to demo, and...

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Pitch Perfect is the perfect marketing primer for the indie developer

If you're a developer with an app and a dream, you would do well to pick up Pitch Perfect by TUAW's Erica Sadun and Steve Sande. Their book lifts the veil on how app reviewers, bloggers specifically, operate. Most of the advice I give to people looking to pitch an app is in this book. Added to the...

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iTunes Match book delivers useful guidance in minutes

Writer Lex Friedman has covered Apple's iTunes Match cloud music service for Macworld, his home base, but if you want all your Match instruction in one convenient ebook, you're in luck. Friedman has written Sams Teach Yourself iTunes Match in 10 Minutes, a full guide that provides all the instr...

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Inside Apple offers a quick read, corporate insights

I just finished Adam Lashinsky's "Inside Apple", now available for sale at most major vendors. It's a quick, easy read and clocks in at just over 200 pages with large, readable type. If you're looking for an exhaustive Tracy Kidder take on how Apple works and operates, this book isn't it. Instead, ...

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Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple now available

I'm sure by now most of you have read Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs. If you're still hungry for more information on Apple, then you should pick up a copy of Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple book. The book takes a corporate look at the inner workings of Apple. It introduces more of the busi...

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