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Win a BookEndz Dock for MacBook from Macsimum News

If you failed to win the BookEndz Dock for MacBook that we gave away last month, Macsimum News (MN) is offering you another chance. It's almost April, so they're having a good, old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt. Several articles on the site will be littered with colorful eggs. Keep track of which eggs ...

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Win portable goodies for your Valentine

Whether you've got a significant other who deserves something awesome for Valentine's Day, or you're just celebrating a certain Mac blogger's birthday, here's your chance for some free loot. We're giving away one of each of the following, courtesy Dr. Bott: Marware Protection Pack Plus for 15"...

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BookEndz: Mac Portable Docking Stations

BookEndz produces pretty nifty docking stations for Mac portables, which duplicate nearly all of your ports and thus make moving a MacBook (Pro) between locations with many different peripherals quite easy. The MacBook station (right) is available in black or white and will be shipping in "late Febr...

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