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Quickly share website addresses to your iPhone with AirLink

Last week, Erica and Victor shared a hack for transferring the URL of an open webpage from your computer to your iPhone via the intermediary of a QR code. It's easy and quick, but as is often the case our astute commenters pointed to a slew of alternative solutions to tackle the same problem. ...

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Xmarks calls it quits

I've been a big fan of Xmarks for a while now -- I work on a few Macs and PCs regularly, and while MobileMe is nice, I've always appreciated Xmarks' ease of use (after a one-time setup, it basically worked automatically) and compatibility across whatever browsers I happened to use. That's why I was ...

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Friday Favorite: HistoryHound, bookmark with abandon

Today's Friday Favorite is a new one to me, but it's been around for a while. I just picked up the latest version of HistoryHound from St. Clair Software -- more famous, probably, for Default Folder X -- and have been using it constantly for days. Its hotkey already has its own spot in my muscle ...

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SayAgain - an audio bookmarking app

A few weeks ago we covered the Bookmark app, a subsystem for playing and bookmarking audio books. I was quite impressed with it, but some comments dinged it for not playing in the background when the app is closed. It also only handled audiobooks and some felt it would be more useful if it covered a...

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The Bookmark App: Audiobooks finally done right

The Bookmark app [iTunes Link] has solved a number of problems I've always suffered while listening to audiobooks on an iPhone. It isn't pefect yet, but what is currently in the app store is the best implementation of digital audiobook listening I've found. It's earned a place on my home page and t...

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iLolcats on your iPhone

Looking for a cheezburger to go with your iPhone? You're in luck. The goofballs (and I say that with fondest affection) over at ICanHasCheezburger have created an official iPhone app so you can cart the cats around with you wherever you go. Just bookmark this on your phone's Safari browser and whene...

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AppleScripts for integrating Safari, NetNewsWire, and Yojimbo - oh my!

I don't know how I missed this post at Hawk Wings a few weeks ago, but I am glad I found it at least sooner or later: Tim Gaden has been keeping a watchful eye on the Yojimbo mailing list, and he caught a set of scripts written by Dylan Damian that can take a link from either Safari or NetNewsWire, ...

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SafariDepot: who needs .Mac to sync bookmarks?

Striking another blow to .Mac's usefulness, SafariDepot allows bookmark synchronization over FTP and FTPS (secure FTP). It's actually a clever little app that also includes a couple of scripts that are ripe for automation through Quicksilver, Login Items, cron jobs, and more. It's also smart about d...

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dead.licious - bookmark verification made simple

Online bookmaking systems are all the rage these days (I certainly rely on nothing but Pukka, delibar and Quicksilver's plugin now), but what if, while amassing your library of 'marks, some of them go dead, are taken down or otherwise disappear? dead.licious might just be the tool for yo...

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Delibar update fixes login problems

I wish I had more to say about this update, like it doubles your Mac's performance or solves world hunger, but it mainly fixes login problems by updating to the new API. Delibar, for those scratching your heads, is what I consider the missing link of social bookmarking which actually ma...

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Pukka 1.3

Everyone's favorite social bookmarking site,, is great and all, but is lacking when it comes to quickly bookmarking sites as you browse. That's where Pukka comes in. Instead of being taken to a page on the site, as one would if using the default bookmarklet, Pukka pops up a sl...

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Flock releases 0.7 beta

Finally, after months of small alpha version bumps, Flock, the social web browser based on Firefox, has unleashed a 0.7 beta with a whole slew of updates, improvements and bug fixes. Along with a site re-design, check out their blog entry for a thorough rundown of what's new and what's still on the...

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Bare Bones Software releases Yojimbo 1.2

Yojimbo, the information collection app from Bare Bones Software that helps you 'master the onslaught', has been updated to version 1.2. Among the additions and improves are a Quick Start movie for new users that launches on first startup, search term highlighting, browser bookmarklets for one-click...

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Concierge Safari plug-in v1.4.7 goes Universal

Concierge is a bookmark assistant plug-in for Safari that offers a multi-function scratchpad, bookmark managing tool and history sorting in a drawer on the side of the browser window. The scatchpad sounds like the most interesting feature, as it allows users to organize URLs, email links, Address Bo...

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Pukka updated to v1.2

Pukka, the versatile, multi-account and light-weight posting client, has been updated to version 1.2. New features and fixes include: Pukka now uses the new SSL API for increased security as well as a more reliable means of storing passwords in the keychain. The tags fi...

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