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CES 2015: Ultimate Ears announces the MegaBoom

Ultimate Ears has added the MegaBoom (US$299.99) to its line-up of truly portable Bluetooth speakers, alongside the Boom and Mini Boom. Last year I reviewed the UE Boom and found it to be the best all-round portable Bluetooth speaker I had the pleasure of listening to in 2014. It sounds fantastic...

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Video: Every Steve Jobs "boom" in under four minutes

Steve Jobs will forever be remembered for his contributions to technology and business, but there's another, slightly more whimsical, distinction the Apple founder was known for. We're speaking of course of his "boom." During live demonstrations, Jobs was known to punctuate explanations of parti...

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BOOM Urchin speaker for your listening pleasure

When I received the Boom Urchin speaker I have to admit that my first thoughts were that it was ugly and heavy. After using it for a month, I don't notice its weight or form factor, because I am delighted with its sound. BOOM Movement is one of three audio brands, along with Polk Audio and Defi...

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Talkcast tonight: Splicing in a G+ Hangout with our bare hands

As fond as we are of Talkshoe round here, there are some challenges and limitations on the podcast platform. Listeners know we're casting about for some new solutions that will keep the fun and spontaneity of the Talkcast we know and love, while improving audio quality and reliability. Tonight, ...

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The requisite announcement mashup

With every Apple event, we need someone to go in and edit together all of the reality distortion field generators, and this time, it's Neil Curtis, who has cut together most of the "amazing," "great," and "beautiful" adjectives from last week's keynote. Unfortunately, we don't have empirical data (...

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Grab your 2008 Keynote Bingo cards!

With just over a week to go until the Steve Jobs January Riot Macworld Keynote and mockups of desired Apple products flying at us, Ars Technica's John Siracusa has posted his definitive Macworld Keynote Bingo card. Complete with that immortal Jobs-ian catch-phrase "Boom" and "a few squares for the p...

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Goodness, gracious, great balls of (PowerBook) fire!

If it bleeds, it leads. If it goes boom, there's room. Fire inspires and there's no shame in flame. What's the opposite of flamebait? It's when your PowerBook really does catch fire and nearly kills you--and you write a love letter like Jimm Lasser did. After his PowerBook burst into flames, he did...

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Macintosh G3 vs. a 45-foot cliff

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just wanted to take your out-of-date Macintosh and toss it over a cliff? Bill Detwiler over at TechRepublic decided to just that. In a series of pictures that he calls "G3 versus the cliff", Detweiler reveals how the G3 stood up to a 45-foot fall. Unfortu...

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The Keynote boom count

We all know that Steve has a few words that are bound to crop up in his Keynotes, and other presentations. Automatic, great, and revolutionary are likely contenders but his favorite word seems to be 'boom' as evidenced by this video. Some enterprising Mac users set up Boomcounter.org to track the Jo...

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Macferno: Cable Modem explodes destroying PowerBook

On November 16, an OnDeckTech 24x7 help desk technician received a call from a distraught PowerBook owner whose laptop had just been destroyed, trying to see if she could recover any of her data. Her 80GB 15-inch PowerBook, her two Maxtor external 300GB drives and her 160GB LaCie Porche drive had a...

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And Boom

I'm not sure which is more classic: Steve's "scrolls like butter" comment, which I think he used in reference to iPhoto '06's transparent pop-up for month and year when scrolling through albums, or this YouTube compilation of his tendency to use a particular adjective onomatopoeia at the climax o...

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