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Tag: boot-camp

Bioshock for Mac on October 7th

I can personally attest to Bioshock being a terrific game, but the problem is that probably, many of you can as well. Let's be honest -- it actually came out for PC and consoles a full two years ago. At this point, a Mac port is probably useless, but it's coming out anyway. Feral Interactive has a...

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Warhammer Online coming to the Mac

More good news for MMO players on the Mac: Warhammer Online has joined the ranks of EVE and of course World of Warcraft by announcing the release of a Mac-compatible client. Most of you already interested were probably playing with Boot Camp, but that hasn't stopped Mythic from working on a Mac cli...

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New MacBook Pro benchmarked within Boot Camp

Finally, someone with more money that I have (I want a new MacBook Pro, but haven't yet convinced myself to shell out the dough to replace my old yet trusty G4 12" Powerbook) has put the new MBP and those shiny graphics chips to the test, and drummed up some real benchmarking numbers in Boot Camp....

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Putting the MacBook through the paces with Warhammer Online

Since the new MacBooks were released earlier this week, everyone's been talking a good bit about gaming on the thing, but our friend (and TUAW alum) C.K. Sample III decided to actually load up a game and make the new Nvidia chips put up or shut up. And as you can see above, put up they did: he load...

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Winclone: Backup your Boot Camp partition

Now that many Intel Mac users have a Windows Boot Camp partition on their Macs, backing up or restoring that Boot Camp data becomes a bit challenging, as most backup utilities only copy the Mac partitions; if you want to create a bootable copy of your Windows installation it's even more difficult. T...

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Apple emails Boot Camp users

I used the original Boot Camp beta last year just to see it work. I applied the subsequent updates, but haven't tinkered with it since. Today, I received an email from Apple that reads, in part: "...With the introduction of Leopard, the Boot Camp Beta program has ended. The Boot Camp Beta software w...

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24 hours of Leopard: Boot Camp

Features: Boot Camp What it does: Atten-HUT! No more whinin' about how yer Mac won't run Windows without kickin' it around the block a few times. Leopard now comes with Boot Camp so you can tell your machine whether to come to the party dressed in its Leopard or Windows togs. (You, Soldier, bette...

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Boot Camp beta pages gone from

It's not a surprise; the Boot Camp beta support pages are now gone from, and that link is now redirecting to the feature page for Boot Camp in Leopard. While the beta is technically expiring on Friday, that shouldn't cause any problems for existing Boot Camp setups (and MacNN poin...

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