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Macworld 2010: Telltale Games live in our booth

We're cleaning out the video files from the chaos of Macworld last week, and while we've already shared with you an interview that we did with Dan Connors of Telltale Games (who just recently announced that they're bringing their whole catalog over to the Mac), his co-founder Kevin Bruner also stop...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW interviews Jeff Scott of Best App Ever

We've been livestreaming all day long from the floor of Macworld 2010, and our very first interview of the day was with Jeff Scott, both of 148Apps.com and the Best App Ever awards. Jeff just announced the Best App Ever winners (in all fifty-six categories) at the show last night, and he brought th...

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Macworld 2010: Hands-on with Musicskins

Musicskins was kind enough to show us around their booth on the Macworld floor, and while we expected to see the usual vinyl case stickers, what we found was actually pretty impressive. The 'skins, which are made for almost every accessory and device under the sun (the rep told us they add five to ...

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Macworld Expo: Delicious Monster's Wil Shipley

His flagship application gave its name to an entire movement of graphical sophistication among Mac apps, so it should be no surprise that Wil Shipley's Delicious Monster booth at Macworld Expo carries Delicious Library's recognizable UI into the real world. Special care was taken to get bookshelves...

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Adobe trimming Expo budget, 600 jobs [updated]

Macworld notes today that Adobe won't have a booth at Macworld Expo, but will still be offering training sessions at the conference. Traditionally, Adobe's booth has been a major presence on the show floor. The bad news might not end there: A tipster with purported connections inside Adobe told us ...

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Tour all of Macworld 2008 in less than five minutes

Two weeks ago the world was a-twitter with speculation as to what in the world Apple meant by "Something is in the Air." Of course, if you tuned in to our talkcast, you heard a pretty good tip on that score, but the next day El Steve-O dropped a shiny-new, paper-thin, slightly-underpowered (dependi...

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130 Great photos from Macworld and 2 ugly ones

If you've got the time, we've got the pixels. Relive the glory of Macworld 2008 even if you weren't there with our 132 pictures from the show, featuring: Pics from the Ars Technica/Gizmodo party Pics of the Modbook Lots of show-floor pics featuring tons of vendors A shot of team TUAW in ...

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