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Borderlands 2 to get content boost this fall

The Borderlands series has built a rabid fan base by providing a massive open world full of treasures to loot and enemies to fights. Even without add-on content, it's a massive game to explore, but developer 2K has piled on with four large packs of downloadable content to expand the world. Borderl...

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Game updates today: The Blockheads, Heroes of Order and Chaos, and Borderlands 2 on Mac

There are a number of big game updates today on both Mac and iOS that are worth picking up if you happen to have the apps installed. First up, the excellent The Blockheads has a big multiplayer update coming, which will allow players to host multiplayer worlds with up to 32 people (which means 1...

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Borderlands 2 for Mac gets a multiplayer update

Borderlands 2 arrived on the Mac late last year, but unfortunately the publisher, Aspyr Media, wasn't able to get the multiplayer working in time for the release. Today the company has released a patch that enables multiplayer co-op through Game Center, along with leaderboards and achievements....

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Borderlands 2 now available on Mac

Odds are that you're seeing Borderlands 2 on sale all over the Internet today, as Black Friday goes down (and we head towards Cyber Monday next week). But we did want to let you know that just in case you were waiting for a Mac version, the wait ended last week. Aspyr has released the Mac port ...

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