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Report: iPhone 4 burst into flames, faulty USB port blamed

The above picture is from from Boy Genius Report, who claim they received it from an AT&T Store employee dealing with a customer who said their iPhone 4 had spontaneously burst into flames. As you can see above, the adapter cable is completely melted, and the iPhone's stainless steel antenna ba...

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Rumor: iTunes still heading to the clouds

We didn't get that cloud-based iTunes at the last keynote, but the project (and the rumor) isn't dead yet. Boy Genius says "one of our reliable Apple sources" is confirming that iTunes in the cloud is still being developed -- the capability discussed would allow streaming of music and movies both fr...

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Wave goodbye to the iPhone 3G

Update: Engadget also points out that Walmart is now selling the iPhone 3GS for $97, a sure inventory-clearing move. According to Boy Genius Report, the iPhone 3G is very likely to be discontinued. Apple has reportedly stopped supplying AT&T stores with the 8 GB iPhone 3G. Additionally, the A...

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Rumor: AT&T will carry 3G iPad in stores

Here's an interesting rumor I hadn't considered yet: sources inside AT&T are telling Boy Genius Report that AT&T's retail stores are planning to carry the 3G versions of the iPad. It's not unexplainable, given that AT&T is the partner for the 3G service, and so I guess they have a veste...

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