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YouTube Find: History of Apple's brand in under three minutes

FastCompany's BrandEvolution series takes a look some the most popular brands in world and how they have changed over the years. A recent episode explores Apple, showcasing the company's advertising campaigns starting with the original Apple I and ending with the unveiling of the Watch. ...

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Apple touted as most valuable billion dollar brand in the United States

Apple is currently the most valuable billion dollar brand in the United States, this according to a recent report published by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. According to the chart above, which was compiled by Brand Finance, Apple's brand today is worth $104.6 billion. That's well ahead o...

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Apple passes Coke and Google to become 2013's most valuable brand

Over the past 13 years of Interbrand's chart of the most valuable global brands, one company has kept its sweet, bubbly perch at number one -- Coca-Cola. The Atlanta-based beverage maker's run at the top ends today; Interbrand's 2013 report, released last night, sees Coke bumped down to number thr...

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Draw Something turns one under Zynga's banner, celebrates 100 million downloads

It's hard to believe that it's only been one year since Draw Something debuted on the App Store. Few apps have run the full cycle of popularity faster than Draw Something, which started as a huge word-of-mouth release before being acquired by Zynga. A year later, many iOS gamers have Draw Somet...

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DeNA and Square Enix to release new mobile Final Fantasy game

DeNA is one of the larger social networks coming out of Asia lately (they're probably best known around these parts for buying mobile game developer ngmoco), and the company announced this morning that it's teamed up with Final Fantasy creators Square Enix to publish a new Final Fantasy-branded...

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iPad is the only tablet brand many consumers know

In two years, the iPad has become a household name. Now it may be turning into a generic term for all tablet products, says a report by the AP's Mae Anderson. The "genericization" of brand names happens over and over again, but it only affects a small fraction of all brands (estimated at less...

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Apple jumps to 9th most valuable brand in the world

Apple is now the eighth most valuable brand in the world says a recent Bloomberg report that ranks the top 100 global brands. The brand rankings use five unnamed criteria and exclude privately-held companies. Brand value includes the name, logo, image, and other intangibles which identifies a com...

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Apple, Oreo and Capri Sun top list of popular youth brands

Harris Interactive put together a survey asking American youth from ages 8-24 what their favorite brands were, and Apple came out on top in the computer, tablet, and phone space. That's not too surprising, given how powerful Apple's marketing is (not to mention how great its products are), but ...

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Study confirms: Some people are way too invested in their favorite brand

Did you weep into your cornflakes over Antennagate last year? Me either, but a new study suggests that some people might have. According to Ars Technica, researchers at the University of Illinois discovered that attacks upon people's favorite brands can be perceived as attacks against their sel...

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BrandZ global report puts Apple at #1 most valuable brand for the first time

Apple is the world's number one most valuable brand, according to BrandZ's sixth annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Ranking. Apple's rank jumped 84% from 2010 and knocked Google out of the #1 spot, a position the search company held for the past four years. Apple's brand valuation now s...

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Apple tops media impact rankings in Q2

While we tend to hold Apple's feet to the fire on issues with their otherwise stellar products, the world at large sees a glossy coat of scratch-resistant awesome all over the Cupertino brand. According to General Sentiment (a media measurement firm somewhat obviously named), Apple was not only disc...

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Obvious: Apple fans who own Apple products can't wait to buy the iPad

This is probably one for the obvious department, but we'll share it with you anyway. An NPD study released last week says that device awareness for the iPad is already very high (no duh), and that it's highest among 18-34 year old current Apple owners (double duh) with $100,000 or greater income. So...

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Tim Cook: Yes, we're a "mobile device company"

I caught this back when Steve Jobs said it on stage at the event a few weeks ago, and I was surprised that more people hadn't yet. Jobs called Apple "the largest mobile device company in the world," and I had to do a double-take. Mobile device company? But don't you sell computers? Aren't you the to...

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The Street: Features can't sway Apple customers' trust

Jason Schwarz over at TheStreet has written an article analyzing Apple's current position in the marketplace and what Apple's competition needs to do in order to catch up. The article focuses mostly on Apple's iPhone/iPod + iTunes ecosystem, which isn't surprising. Though Mac sales bring in a fai...

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Apple as "the world's most feminine brand"?

Fortune's Bridget Brennan has a bold statement: "Why doesn't Apple make remote controls? You ask: Why Apple? Because if any company could improve one of the world's most user-unfriendly electronic devices, it would be Apple. And then there's this: Apple just may be the world's most discreetly femi...

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