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Tag: branding

Draw Something turns one under Zynga's banner, celebrates 100 million downloads

It's hard to believe that it's only been one year since Draw Something debuted on the App Store. Few apps have run the full cycle of popularity faster than Draw Something, which started as a huge word-of-mouth release before being acquired by Zynga. A year later, many iOS gamers have Draw Somet...

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Apple is number two global brand

Brand consultancy firm Interbrand conducts a survey of the "Best Global Brands," and this year Apple is in the number two spot, second only to Coca-Cola. That's a big leap from Apple's eight-place finish in 2011. In this most recent survey, Apple jumped ahead of Intel, McDonald's, GE, Google, Mi...

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Daily iPhone App: Monopoly Hotels checks in on EA's freemium expertise

Zynga's gotten a lot of flak for creating basically a clone of Tiny Tower, and you could make the argument EA has done the same thing with its new freemium title Monopoly Hotels. The game features a set of freemium goals as you set up a series of businesses in Monopoly's famous establishments, and...

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i think Apple is affecting children's grammar

I want to relate an interesting story my brother told me the other day about one fascinating -- and negative -- way Apple is affecting children in the classroom. My brother is a grade school teacher, and recently he's noticed an alarming trend in his students' grammar, specifically capitalization...

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Trend: Company-specific apps and ads

Imagine this scenario: you're watching the latest episode of "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel when an ad for Nationwide Insurance appears. Are they trying to sell you insurance? Of course, but they're also touting their new Nationwide Mobile (click opens iTunes) iPhone app, which Nationwide po...

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Prototype MacBook Air found on eBay

This is probably old news for most classic Mac collectors, but it's the first I've heard of it: a member of the forums at bought a MacBook Air "as is" on eBay, and when it showed up, he got something even more valuable than the envelope-filler: a prototype version. As you can see abo...

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Fox releases X-Files branded iPods

We know -- you've wanted an iPod for years, but you've always wanted one branded with your favorite TV show, and that 90210 version didn't cut it. Boy, is it your lucky day. Fox has released some "Limited Edition" X-Files iPod Classics and Nanos, ready for your purchase right now for only $329.00....

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The real .mac opens up with new regulations

ICANN, the ruling body for Internet domain naming, has voted to relax a few rules that will supposedly open up a whole slew of top-level domain names, multiple news sources are reporting. They haven't exactly said why they're doing this, only that it will "preserve the security, stability, and globa...

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Adobe's CS3 icon branding taken to the next level - the rest of your apps

The new branding Adobe conceived for the new CS3 suite hasn't quite caught on with everyone just yet. Some say the icons are too bland and boring, while others like my friend John decided to take Adobe's 'periodic table of apps' concept to the next level. Via some icons found at sites like Interf...

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New iMac and MacBook Pro (fortunately) void of Intel branding

AdJab was the first to notice something we've all been worrying about since the day Jobs announced the switch to Intel chips: Intel branding on the new Macs, or more specifically: the lack therof. After checking the product sites for the new iMac and MacBook Pro and confirming with a couple of our o...

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