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Apple ranked the most valuable brand on the planet by Forbes

It's been a good week for Apple. On the heels of news that rival Samsung has seen its mobile business nosedive by 74%, the company has been named the number one most valuable brand on the planet by Forbes. Apple was able to grab the top spot on Forbes' list by moving large numbers of product whi...

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Apple becomes Asia's second most popular brand

A company called Campaign Asia-Pacific has released the results of its latest survey, examining the popularity of various brands in Asia. Apple has reached number two on the list. The company from Cupertino has topped big names like Sony and Panasonic, and jumped up along with Nestle (which is ...

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Babies go gaga for Apple? Not hardly

Martin Lindstrom says he found something interesting while doing some research for an upcoming book about brands: He handed a BlackBerry phone to about 20 different babies, and then watched their reactions to it. Without exception, they all reached up to touch the screen of the phone, which did...

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BBC: Loving Apple looks like a religion to an MRI scan

Later today, BBC 3 will be airing Secrets of the Superbrands, a documentary about the relationship between consumers and the brands that shape our behavior, our desires and our lives. Series creator Alex Riley let slip an interesting tidbit in a preview post about the series: "The Bishop of Buck...

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iPhone, Apple, iPod in top 10 social brands of the year

Put on your buzzword protectors, because here comes a whole hive: Vitrue, a company that "helps organizations leverage consumer-generated content" has released a list of the top 100 "social brands" for 2008, according to their "Social Media Index," which... meh, we give up. Basically, they have a li...

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Apple #2 Brand Globally, #1 in the USA & Canada

Brandchannel.com just released the results of their latest world-wide survey of brands. The survey purports to measure how much "impact" a brand has on readers (which can, in principle be either good or bad). Mirroring the results from last year, leading the way globally was Google with Apple right ...

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