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Cupcakeroo: kidlet and tween fun

There are roughly a badjillion cupcake apps available on the iOS App Store. They're all vaguely the same, providing a fun interactive way to decorate bake goods. Today, I got a chance to play with Cupcakeroo, a new contender in the crowded field of carb-loaded ornamentation. Retailing for US$1....

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Time Warner Cable iPad app adds channels to replace pulled ones

I never thought I'd be writing about Time Warner Cable as an advocate for consumers getting more content, but sure enough, that's what the cable provider has become. After being forced to remove some channels from its newly-introduced streaming iPad app, TWC has added a whole list of new channe...

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Oscar nominated shorts and more Bravo shows available on iTunes

This is probably not what his Steveness will be announcing later today (but they might get a  mention), however, it is worthy of your attention. It seems that Inside the Actors Studio, Top Chef, and the Oscar nominated live action shorts (all iTunes links) have just shown up in the iTunes Musi...

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Inside the Actor's Studio in iTunes next week

In our post about Project Runway strutting into the iTunes Music Store (sorry, I couldn't resist), reader tivogirl let us know that she recently received a press release from Bravo stating that Inside the Actor's Studio would be added to Bravo's iTMS line up on February 28th. A quick search of Bravo...

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Project Runway in iTunes...sort of

We received a tip from Radical Bender at Tunevision that Bravo's Project Runway (season 2) had been spotted in iTunes, but with no available episodes listed. We checked, and sure enough (as of 2:30PM EST, at least) it's there [link], but with no episodes available for purchase. Perhaps work on the p...

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