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Apple announces iOS 7

Apple has announced a new iPhone operating system, iOS 7. On stage today during the WWDC keynote, Tim Cook said iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the new iPhone. As expected, the new operating system features a much flatter and cleaner look, a sort-of 3D home screen ...

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Engadget: Apple TV gets apps, new name in iTV

Our friends at Engadget have heard from a trusted source that Apple is indeed remaking the Apple TV, as was previously guessed based on its past trajectory. But the final product may surprise you: it won't have 1080p output, according to Engadget (which refutes earlier rumors), but it will keep that...

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Boxee forced to remove Hulu

As a boxee user/proselytizer, I am gutted over the latest news: Hulu will be removed from boxee as of Friday (February 20, 2009). Hulu gives some insight into its request for removal from boxee in its blog post and at least Hulu seems to understand that this decision will be extremely unpopular f...

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