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Drink-testing the BACtrack Mobile breathalyzer

Drinking and driving is something that should never be done, but all too many people have "one too many" alcoholic beverages at their local bar or sports venue, then get behind the wheel to drive home. While many of these folks may never get pulled over, they're still endangering themselves and ot...

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Breathometer: A would-be breathalyzer accessory for iPhone

Breathometer wants to be the first breathalyzer that works in tandem with your iPhone, making it easy and convenient to breathalyze yourself, or a friend, to see if your blood-alcohol level is above the legal driving limit. With a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Breathometer has been designe...

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iBreathalyzer is, yes, a breathalyzer for your iPod

It's late Friday night, you're stepping out of the bar into the cold after a few drinks, and as you head towards the car, you stop, realizing that it might not be the right time to drive. But how can you know for sure? Simple -- you just pull out your iPod. Because the iPod hasn't had enough rando...

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