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Mac 101: Adjust the volume or brightness in smaller increments using these handy tips

Recent MacBook Pro and Air models have a wonderful keyboard that allows you to quickly adjust the volume of the system and the brightness of either your display or backlit keyboard. When you tap these brightness buttons, the levels are adjusted in single increments between 0 and 16. This is useful...

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Dad hooks up an iPad and Hue light to Minecraft for his son

Sure, the Phillips Hue (a light bulb that can be controlled with an iPad) might seem slightly silly, but one dad found a really good way to use it: By helping his son play some Minecraft. Dad #1 Jim Rutherford set up a quick iPad app to easily and quickly sync up the Hue light with wherever the...

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DimScreen simply dims your screen

Once upon a time, I had an application which would dim the screen of my Mac down to 0, and then exit. Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost the app and can no longer find it. Yes, I know I could just hold F1 and do the same thing manually, but I liked having an app that just did it for ...

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Daily Mac App: Sunset

Sometimes your screen is just too bright in the evenings. For the sake of your eyes, Sunset lets you reduce the brightness of your monitor below that of the standard brightness controls and without having to adjust the backlight. If you reduce the brightness of your screen using the on-board ...

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Barnes and Noble eReader app updated

I've been watching the e-reader competition with great interest lately -- after the iPad entered the market with such a splash, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been trying to position their own devices in a place where they'll at least be profitable. But at the same time, those apparent iPad comp...

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Monitor too bright? Put on some Shades

This one goes out to all the night owls. As much as I love my iMac, I was surprised to see how little control it gave me over the screen's brightness. I often work on my iMac late at night in an otherwise darkened room, and even at the lowest brightness setting, the iMac is really, really bright. A...

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