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Meet Heckerty, well-known British children's story, makes its way to the iPad

Meet Heckerty is a delightful British children's story starring Heckerty, a "zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, green-faced witch," and her sidekick cat Zanzibar. The traditional story has made its way to the iPad with a wonderful adaptation that takes advantage of the interacti...

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Activision hires Team 17 founder to start new UK mobile studio

While EA has been bullish as all get out on its mobile and iOS properties, we haven't seen the other big dog in game publishing, Activision, act on the same impulses, despite a few hits with the Call of Duty Zombies games. But here's a first indication that Bobby Kotick and company do have a mo...

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British House of Lords will soon allow iPad use during debates

According to The Telegraph, peers in the British House of Lords will soon be able to use iPads and other mobile internet devices during debates. Under previous rules, members of the House of Lords weren't allowed to use any electronic devices, a restriction the Lords Administration and Works Commit...

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Guardian iPhone app debuts, subscription available to UK customers

The Guardian has released a brand new version of its iPhone app on the App Store, this time featuring a subscription model for UK customers. Lots of publications have been trying to get Apple to approve a subscription model for apps, but The Guardian went ahead and did it themselves, offering up a ...

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Considering parenthood? There's an app for that

In just a few days, a UK couple will welcome their "iPhone baby." After three years of unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy, the couple downloaded an unnamed fertility calculator app. The mother-to-be, who wishes to remain anonymous, entered her temperature and other information daily. The app then...

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Channel Four on Demand: Sorry, Mac users

Mac users in the UK have been waiting a long time (like, years) for Channel 4's Video on Demand "Catch Up" service to come to their platform, and finally, after long last, the day is here. And they're sorry, Mac users -- they say so with the cute video above. Of course, the reason why it's now comp...

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British ad watchdogs nix iPhone "whole internet" claim

What is the "whole internet," anyway? Is it a place you can go, or is it really just an idea? Can you put it in your pants? Apparently not, if the UK's Advertising Standards Authority's point of view is to be taken as gospel. Complaints to the oversight agency by British consumers who were dissatisf...

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Stephen Fry on the iPhone and digital life

Some of my posts written here on TUAW are specifically meant for you fans to enjoy, and are about things I can't say I care that much about. Some posts here are great for everyone to enjoy, both you and me alike. And some posts, dear readers, are just for me, and anyone who shares my weird collectio...

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One in five use iPod at work

A British survey has found that upwards of 22% of employees listen to their iPod, or other digital audio player, for up to 3 hours out of the work day. Shocking, isn't it? OK, so this isn't big news but it would seem that 30% of British firms surveyed have banned the use of iPods at the work place. ...

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