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Apple wins design patents

Apple picked up quite a few pending design patents this week -- most of them are pretty old, for products that have released but were simply waiting on the official patent. You can see the whole list over on Macsimum News -- they've got the iPod classic in there, the Apple remote, and quite a few pa...

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FCC wants to know your mobile broadband speed

You may remember that Verizon started running ads a while ago showing AT&T's anemic 3G coverage map. AT&T responded by saying "Our coverage includes 97% of the country!" In the small print on Verizon's ads they make it clear that AT&T does have coverage outside of 3G. In the small print ...

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US Government: iPad and other smart mobile devices may strain networks

Soon the iPad will be upon us, and the US government is worried about the congestion it will cause. Phil Bellaria is a staffer in the Obama administration. Specifically, he's the director of scenario planning for the federal government's Omnibus Broadband Initiative. He published a blog post earl...

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Road Tested: the Verizon MiFi portable broadband router

For the last couple of weeks, I've been testing the Verizon MiFi portable WiFi hotspot. After writing about the MiFi, a few months back, I was placed on a waiting list to receive a test unit. Could the MiFi enhance the iPod touch experience to bring it into the realm of the iPhone? A unit finally ca...

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TUAW First Look: Comcast Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch

Cable, broadband, and phone giant Comcast has joined the ranks of companies jumping on the iPhone bandwagon with a helpful and free new app: Comcast Mobile [App Store]. Let's get one thing out of the way right now; this app will not let you stream video from your Comcast set-top box to your iPhone. ...

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Rumor: Apple to sell subsidized notebooks in the UK?

This would be an interesting deal -- rumor has it (that crazy rumor always has something, doesn't it?) that Apple may start selling subsidized MacBooks in the UK, with O2 including the notebooks with their wireless plans. Quite a proposal -- the idea, of course, would be for O2 to pick up a subscrip...

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TUAW Guide: Wireless Broadband on your Mac

Ah, the open road. What's more American than being mobile, drifting along the highways and byways, traveling hither and yon, free as a debt-laden bird? While I try to rein in that derailed train of road metaphor, let's consider the options for Mac users and wireless data. Many of you would love to t...

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US house Reps approve net neutrality bill, reveal semblance of sanity

We aren't out of the woods yet, but a U.S. House of Representatives panel has approved the net neutrality bill, a controversial proposal that would prohibit broadband providers from restricting access and impairing the speed of their competitors' content. Many feel this bill is crucial for market co...

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Monitor your broadband traffic with SurplusMeter

Let's say you've got a broadband connection at home, but your provider puts a cap on your monthly download allotment. That's all well and good until it's the end of the month and you find yourself strapped (you torrent addict, you). Wouldn't it be nice to get a warning before everything goes kaput? ...

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