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Dejero LIVE + Mobile app turns the iPhone into a broadcast camera

The next wave of innovation in the mobile space will look at the existing hardware and ask how we can use the power in our hand to make life easier and better. For broadcasters, this future will lie in apps like the LIVE + Mobile from Dejero. Dejero is the company behind LIVE +, a portable broa...

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NFL to stream the Super Bowl to iPhone, iPad apps (Updated)

Update: As commenters have pointed out, this is for iPhone users on Verizon ONLY. Pity. I'm excited about this one, both for what it is, and for the potential of what it could be. The NFL has decided, in a (rare?) move of generosity, to stream the Super Bowl broadcast out to its mobile device...

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The Tivizen, over-the-air TV antenna, coming to iPad

We're live at CES this week, and things are kicking off here in Vegas. The show floor itself opens tomorrow, but electronics manufacturers have already started up with all of their announcements and reveals showing off all of the new hardware for 2011. Here's one interesting gadget: the Tivizen, cr...

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Patents aplenty: iPhone radio, fiber optic MagSafe, 3D without glasses

Apple's patent team must be cramming before the end of the year, because this past week we've seen a flood of patent applications come out of Cupertino. First up, Apple has patented a radio system in the iPhone (finally!), allowing you to listen to standard FM and AM broadcasts on the smartphone. T...

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Live, from everywhere! It's TUAW TV Live!

Good afternoon, TUAW readers! The latest episode of TUAW TV Live is about to get underway at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT), with your host Steve Sande and probable co-host Kelly Guimont. Today's tentative topics include: What's your favorite Mac Twitter client? Are you sick of the Apple tablet hype yet? ...

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It's Wednesday: time for another TUAW TV Live episode at 5 PM ET

Our little experiment last week was such a success that we're going to do it every week. The second live broadcast of TUAW TV Live starts at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) today. Join Steve Sande as he takes your input and feedback via live chat, talks about this week's Apple news, and generally has fun with ...

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TV.com gives Trekkers a streaming treat for iPhone: full episodes on demand

Just as Hulu has more-or-less reluctantly barred boxee from streaming NBC video content to anything other than a browser, here comes the new TV.com iPhone app. It offers full episodes of such classics as Dream On, Night Gallery and Star Trek, and clips from current shows on multiple networks. Compar...

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Woz to appear in live Segway polo match

Just call it the WozWatch-- not only did Woz just appear in a ride at Epcot, but now he's going to appear live on your computer, playing (what else-- this is the Woz) Segway polo. A site called The Digital Lifestyle is going to be broadcasting a Segway polo match (it's what it sounds like-- polo w...

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ABC pushing broadcast, their own site, vs. iTS purchases

Mac Zone has a post concerning ABC's insertion of 30 seconds of network-pimping ads in the Lost season 3 premiere (iTS link) purchased from the iTS. While the first 8 second spot is just a harmless network ID badge, the second spot (at the end of the vid) advertises watching Lost on a full-fledged ...

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Airfoil, Audio Hijack Pro can now "Minimize to Menu Bar"

Airfoil and Audio Hijack Pro, the slick Mac OS X audio broadcasting and recording (respectively) software from Rogue Amoeba, have just been updated with a handy new feature: minimize to menubar. It's a new preference that (you guessed it) will allow these apps to minimize into the menubar, with some...

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