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Sir, I believe your Mac may be broken

I'm not a certified Apple repair technician, but I'm going to go ahead and say that this is not a good sign. However, on the bright side, there is 45 GB of free disc space available, so that's a plus. [Photo credit: Beghin]...

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How much is a completely trashed iPhone worth?

You can buy iPhones of all shapes, sizes, and conditions on eBay. There are brand new items, used items, really used items, and broken items. This 16GB iPhone 5 makes a strong argument that there should be a fifth category for "Completely Destroyed." The auction description notes that the phone h...

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I guess you can bend an iPad in half after all

People always talk about the inevitable future of bendable digital screens, but did you know that you can bend the iPad Air? Apparently you can. You'll destroy your tablet in the process, but according to the photographic evidence above, it's definitely possible. I originally spotted this image...

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So THAT'S what the inside of an iPhone looks like

No word on how this unfortunate iPhone 2G met its demise, but the damage it pretty remarkable and certainly points to something more than a simple drop. I like to imagine it died while being shot out of a cannon from the summit of K2. [Photo credit: Helen K]...

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A wounded iPhone

There's something about seeing an iPhone with chunks of its front entirely missing -- and the phone still function as intended -- that makes them seem like Terminator robots. [Photo credit: Pankaj Kaushal]...

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Macworld Expo 2011: iFixit wields their magic in person

On stage at Macworld 2011, two of our friends from iFixit, Kyle Weins and Luke Soules, attempted to fix broken Apple stuff right in front of an audience. The session was moderated by Chris Breen, who asked the audience to bring up their broken gear in the hope that it could be fixed right on the sp...

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MacBook Car-nage: Surviving a drive-over

Yesterday, I had a distraught customer come into the store and lay the remains of a black MacBook (13-inch Early 2008) on the front counter. My immediate thought was that the machine had been trashed and was just at the shop to be recycled. I asked the customer what happened and he explained that...

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iTunes Store & App Store problems

With the App Store celebrating its first birthday, there is a fair amount of news coverage, and with Michael Jackson's memorial service being broadcast, his fans are sure to be hitting iTunes up for some of their favorite songs. So it stands to reason that today is probably not a good day for the i...

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iPod touch survives run-in with pickup truck

While the iPod nano is being called fragile, the iPod touch is ready to demonstrate its toughness. A user at the iPod touch Fans forums posted pictures of his touch after being run over by a pickup truck. The glass screen is shattered but intact, and the back of the case is dented. However, it still...

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Re-thinking the iPhone's home screen

The iPhone's home screen works just fine with 16 application icons on the main screen and four more on the dock at the bottom. It still works well with another screenful of 16 more apps on the adjacent screen. But, says Chris Devers, as you start adding more apps, the home screen UI doesn't scale w...

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Are you affected by MobileMe mail outage?

What's up with MobileMe email? In recent days we've been hearing from a lot of very unhappy MobileMe subscribers. They're unhappy because their email accounts have been inaccessible. David told us: "Some MobileMe mail users have been without mail access for four days straight now." At the time of wr...

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EA officially backs off of Mac releases

Shame on you, EA! Shame! Back at WWDC, you promised to release four of your franchise games simultaneously on PC and Mac in July. But July came and went, and we saw (and played) nothing. And now EA has told Apple Insider that Mac faithful shouldn't have held their breath on those promises-- Madden 0...

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Roadkill MacBook Pro keeps on keepin' on

Vermont-based blacksmith Jim Fecteau uses his 17" MacBook Pro as a business and teaching tool, and he fully intended to have it handy at a smiths' meeting in Rhode Island... however, one teensy problem, he left it on top of his truck as he drove away from home. Oops. After fruitless searching on th...

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What could you do with a broken iPod?

We get a lot of email to the TUAW tipline: scores of product recommendations, polite and not-so-polite suggestions, and "Won't you post about my new website?" press releases. When we get five consecutive emails, all within a few minutes, all from the same person promoting the same iPod purchasing on...

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What to do with your broken iPod

Before reading this article, I kind of knew that there were services out there that bought back broken iPods. I was aware that there were people out there interested in using them for parts or refurbing them to sell on eBay but I might not have thought of all these possible outlets. iPod ResQ is pro...

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