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ShopKeep point-of-sale mixes iPad with cloud service for small retailers

WNYC reported this week on the emergence of the iPad for point-of-sale terminal use, particularly in small establishments that want to minimize the space requirements of a traditional register while adding a bit of Apple cachet to go with their cash drawer. Stephen Nessen's story highlighted a B...

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Apple hoping to open Brooklyn store in Atlantic Yards development

Sure, Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store may be New York City's fifth most-photographed location, but Brooklynites need their Apple fix, too -- and it seems that Apple wants to be sure to take care of them. While not confirmed yet as of this writing, The New York Observer reports that Apple is lookin...

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Brooklyn's borough prez makes a play for Apple Store

It may seem like New York City is already pretty well stocked with Apple retail outlets. With four full-scale storefronts in Manhattan, including the iconic 24-hour 5th Ave cube and the new Upper West Side 'temple of iPad,' the city's 5th store in the Staten Island Mall seems like an afterthought. D...

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Last second notice: iPhoneDevCamp New York City

What do Matzoh, Gefilte Fish, and ad hoc iPhone development camps have in common? They're all scheduled for tomorrow. As the sun sets and Jews around the world begin to celebrate Passover, the festival of freedom from slavery, pale iPhone developers will be crawling back to their rocks after joining...

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How Time Machine can decrease inhibitions, encourage risky behavior

Let me tell you something about people from Brooklyn: we are, by nature and environment, edgy risk-takers who live life like we're driving a Maserati down the PCH. Or a Camry up the BQE. Anyway, you don't want to mess with us -- and specifically, you don't want to mess with Mike Solomon, a creative ...

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iPod gets local nuisance to pipe down

Every urban neighborhood has its characters and unique personalities that add to the flavor of the place. In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, where I live now, the accordion guy who plays Spanish folk tunes near the subway is a fixture, and he gives a friendly nod or a "Buenos Diaz" every morning. Back in the...

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