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Opera still exists, releases Opera 25 redesign to prove it

When was the last time you used the Opera browser on your Mac? Never? Well if you're a fan of beautiful bookmarks, you might want to consider changing that for Opera 25. The new Opera update brings with it something the company calls Visual Bookmarks, which are essentially large icons pointing you...

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Chrome for iOS to get improved security, data compression and Google Translate in its next update

Google has announced the latest update of Chrome for iOS, and users are getting a veritable Christmas morning's worth of security and data features. On the security front, the company is bringing mobile users the Safe Browsing malware protection they've come to expect from the browser's desktop appl...

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Google updates Chrome for iOS with linking to external apps, fullscreen iPad support

Following hot on the heels of today's update to Google Maps, Google has updated Chrome for iOS. The updated app features a number of enhancements including the option to open links to YouTube, Maps, G+ and Drive in those apps instead of in the Chrome browser; fullscreen support for the iPad; and e...

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Mozilla has no plans to release Firefox for iOS

At SXSW this weekend, VP of product at Mozilla, Jay Sullivan, said that there are no plans to bring the Firefox Web browser to iOS unless Apple changes its ways, according to CNET. The issue stems from a limitation Apple puts on developers stating that third-party browsers can only use UIWebVie...

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Opera hits 300M users, will transition to WebKit this year

Opera, the web browser available for Mac, iOS, PC and Andriod, has reached 300 million monthly users, the company has announced in a press release. Opera Software ASA also notes that the Opera web browser will be transitioning to the WebKit engine in future versions, taking advantage of the p...

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Chrome 19 found to be fastest browser on Mac

Google's Chrome browser has quickly become the choice for many web denizens searching for the fastest browsing experience. And while the latest browser report from New Relic confirms that Chrome is indeed your best bet for speed, the latest versions aren't actually getting any faster. The data s...

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Daily Mac App: Fluid

Fluid lets you create an "app" out of a website. If you use one specific website all the time, this alone is very handy. For example, if you wanted a browser specifically for Gmail, you could make one using Fluid and set its own icon, download directory, and other settings. Or maybe you heard abo...

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Daily Mac App: BatterySqueezer

Modern Macs have pretty good battery life, but there are times when you can't get enough juice to keep working without a power adapter. BatterySqueezer promises to help you extend your battery by throttling process that are running in the background. The idea is that by reducing the amount of...

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Daily Mac App: Xmarks

Need to sync bookmarks across multiple platforms and/or different browsers? You need Xmarks. The service that was on its way out, then bought by LastPass, allows you to sync bookmarks to the cloud, between machines and between different browsers. Xmarks has extensions or plugins for Safari (i...

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Trimit reads, simplifies, and condenses web content for social networks

Trimit is a new app that promises to automatically summarize text. The idea is this: You enter a URL, trimit ingests the web page you pointed to, and then it spits back a condensed version at the length you specify. TUAW had a chance to take an early peek at this app, which is due to launch s...

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Firefox 5 for Mac is available, brings updated UI and new privacy feature

Firefox 5 has landed and is now available to the public. The latest version of the popular web browser includes over 1,000 improvements, the most notable of which is a new Do Not Track privacy feature. This feature is found in the preferences and lets you easily opt-out of online tracking found...

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Mac 101: Quick navigation of browser tabs

If you ever use the tabs in your web browser, you may have a hard time navigating between them as you take your hand off the keyboard, put it on your mouse, click on the tab you're looking for, look at that page for a moment and then click back on the first tab again. As a person who has loads of ta...

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Camino 2.1 alpha preview released, new features in tow

Camino, the open source web browser for Mac OS X, has released Camino 2.1 Alpha 1 -- the first preview release of the forthcoming Camino 2.1 update. It's been just over a year since version 2.0 was released, and we can expect to see some great new features and improvements in the upcoming update...

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iOS surpasses Linux as browsing platform

Seems like only yesterday that Linux was vastly outpacing iOS in terms of how many were using it as a browsing platform. Actually, make that last November; at that time, Linux's presence more than doubled the total iOS stake. Now, iOS-based browsers claim 1.13 percent of all browsing platforms, comp...

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Royalty-free H.264 is a big win for HTML5, big loss for Flash

Update: Mozilla responds, saying that by 2014 (when the original fee-free license for H.264 would have expired) chances are the codec won't be relevant anymore. So far, one of the main arguments against widespread implementation of HTML5 video has been the uncertain licensing future of the H.264 ...

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