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How Apple introduced brushed metal

Remember when "brushed metal" dominated the look of Apple's software products, including OS X? Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels does, and he's put together a look at its origins. Brushed metal didn't debut with Mac OS X 10.3, as many believe. Instead, Hackett notes, the UI motif first slipped onto ...

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Will the Mini live or die?

I got a suprising number of "hurrahs" yesterday when I mentioned how afraid I was that the Mini might get killed before I was able to buy one with Leopard pre-installed on it. Rumors about today's Apple event (which we'll be metaliveblogging, so stay tuned) are everywhere, and one that I've heard pr...

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Rumor: New iMac on August 7

It's no real secret that an iMac update is most likely in the works, but ThinkSecret says they've narrowed down an actual date for the announcement: August 7th. As soon as two and a half weeks from now, we could be seeing a brand new iMac on the Apple Store. The rumors, as you may have heard, say th...

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Aqua is dead, long live Aqua!

Apple seems to use iTunes as a test-bed for new user interface design styles, and iTunes 7 brings with it an almost complete overhaul the Aqua look we have all grown to love/hate/tolerate. While on the surface, the iTunes 7 interface may seem very similar to that of previous versions, there are a fe...

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Daring Fireball: brushed metal saga continues

"Brushed Metal: Can I borrow a hundred dollars?Safari puts his hand on the door to close it.Safari: I have to go.Brushed Metal: Fifty?Safari: Get out of here."After this week's release of a completely non-Brushed Metal iLife 06 suite, Daring Fireball's John Gruber is at it again with anoth...

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