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iOS 6 beta 3 available to developers

The third beta version of iOS 6 has been handed out to developers running the new mobile OS as an over-the-air update this morning. The new versions of Xcode haven't quite made their way out into the world yet, but they should soon, giving iOS and Mac developers the option to test and build the...

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Developers get a new build of 10.7.2

As 9to5Mac reports, there's a brand new build of Lion 10.7.2 out there in the wild for developers, featuring focused work on iCloud, the Mac App Store, MobileMe, and a few other places like Mail, Spotlight, Time Machine, and even things like the AddressBook and graphics drivers. This is build...

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Apple pushes new OS X, iCloud, iPhoto builds to developers

Apple has dropped new builds in the mix to developers for OS X, including Lion 10.7.2, and new updates for iCloud and iPhoto. These are of course developer only builds that are designed for testing and usage before they had out to the public at large. The Lion build asks developers to look at t...

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Building a homemade "iPad 3"

Some folks are talented and build interesting gadgets in their spare time. Take, for example, the man who spent two weeks building a white tablet he calls the iPad 3. He handpicked all the parts and assembled the device into a functioning tablet, complete with a stuck-on Apple logo. Sadly, he ch...

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Apple issues 4.1.1 update for Apple TV

We've gotten a few reports that Apple has released a minor build update for the new Apple TV. Users aren't reporting any obvious new features or specific performance upgrades with the brand new 4.2.1 4.1.1 update, so it's likely that this latest Apple TV update is just for bug fixes. Not all users a...

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Parallels adds tools for Linux, 3D for Windows

The latest build of Parallels (version 5608) adds some new tools for Linux users. Some of the additions to Parallels Desktop 5608 includes: support for the latest Linux distros, and support for 3D graphics in Windows (running under 10.5.3). If you are running version 3 of Parallels Desktop, then yo...

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Mac OS X 10.5.3 Build 9D25 has been seeded

According to World of Apple, Mac OS 10.5.3 (build 9D25) has been seeded. No new issues have been identified this time around, and twenty-two fixes have been implemented, including: Various printing issues An issue with Safari bookmarks and .Mac Mail account has been resolved (I'll believe that...

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New Mac OS X 10.4.9 client and Server builds seeded to developers

A little TUAW birdie has informed us that a new series of Mac OS X 10.4.9 client and server builds have been seeded to developers. The build versions are as follows: Mac OS X v10.4.9 (Intel) Build 8P2132, Mac OS X v10.4.9 (PowerPC) Build 8P132, Mac OS X Server v10.4.9 (Universal) Build 8P2132 Manual...

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Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard build 9A321: updated feature list reveals some new goodies

Since celebrating some sort of holiday is pretty big this time of year, it seems only fitting that MacosXrumors has posted what seems to be an updated list of new Leopard goodies, based on one of the recent developer builds. While this isn't a mind-blowing list of breaking new features, there are so...

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Unofficial builds of Thunderbird with Address Book integration

A deal-breaker for many potential Thunderbird users is its lack of integration with Mac OS X's Address Book. While we found a web-based exporting tool back in January that worked for some users, plenty of others have their reasons for sticking with Apple's digital rolodex. We've heard about unoffici...

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Camino build optimized for Intel

For Intel Mac users who are just ga-ga for Camino, a helpful MozillaZine Forums user by the name of heronstalker has posted a build of Camino optimized for Intel Macs - but only for Intel Macs. This is not a Universal Binary, it's a... Singular Binary, er something. I ran my old 'n busted copy of Ca...

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Folder Icon X 3.0

If default icons just aren't doing it for you anymore, Folder Icon X might be just the tool you need to add your own touch. As the app's name suggests, Folder Icon X is a one-trick (though feature-rich) pony that allows you to add other icons and images to standard folder and file icons to imbue th...

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