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Tips for creating an iPad-compatible Keynote presentation

While the iPad version of Keynote represents a slight twist on Apple's flagship presentation app and serves as a gateway into multitouch computing on a large display, it has a few shortcomings when compared to its Mac OS X counterpart (as we noted back in April). As a result, those who start their K...

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Working with Keynote builds

In Keynote (and also in PowerPoint), a build refers to the appearance and/or disappearance of elements (such as text, bullets, images, audio and movies) within a given slide. Working with builds is relatively straightforward. You select the item(s) that you want to create a build for and then choos...

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Minefield offers custom builds of Firefox 3

If you think Firefox could run a little faster on your Mac, then you might want to download one of BeatnikPad's custom builds of Firefox 3. "Minefield" (previously known as BonEcho for pre-3.0 releases) is Neil Lee's custom build of Firefox. He is currently offering custom builds for: Minefield ...

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Optimized Firefox Builds

Programmer Neil Bruce Lee has compiled two nonofficial "Firefox" builds based on Firefox One is optimized for the G5, and the other for Intel Macs. He's working on a G4-optimized version as well. By matching the builds to the architecture, you can expect better performance overall, which is...

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Unofficial builds of Thunderbird with Address Book integration

A deal-breaker for many potential Thunderbird users is its lack of integration with Mac OS X's Address Book. While we found a web-based exporting tool back in January that worked for some users, plenty of others have their reasons for sticking with Apple's digital rolodex. We've heard about unoffici...

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BuildFactory - automation for developers

I'm no developer, but I can call a good dev tool when I see one. BuildFactory from Bleep Software sounds like 'Automator for developers', with features like automated builds, building refreshed sources from Subversion, using your own external editor for errors and warnings, and building multiple pro...

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