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Could your iPad case stop a bullet?

Our friends over at the newly remade Engadget get to have all the fun. In order to test a VestGuard UK iPad panel that purports to be bulletproof, they actually pulled out some bullets and guns. They snapped the case on a first-gen iPad, grabbed both a 9mm and a .357 Magnum, and got to shooting...

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iPhone stops a bullet, saves the life of a Rotterdam contractor

Image: Shutterstock According to De Telegraaf, a 49 year-old Rotterdam contractor was shot at and an iPhone in his pocket may have helped stop the bullet from hitting his heart. According to my limited Dutch language skills and Google's translation, "The bullet went straight through my phone back ...

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Found Footage: Clearing the way for the iPhone 3G

Watch this video at your own risk ... it truly is painful to watch as this iPhone gets a bullet right through the home button. I can't help but think if there was a much more humane way of getting rid of an old iPhone. Online auction sites or maybe an online classified ads site might be nice. Hmm ...

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Flickr Find: iPod armor edition

Wow, as if there weren't enough reason to carry around your iPod, Kevin Garrad of the 3rd Infantry Division has evidence that an iPod can save your life. Apparently, he had the iPod in his outside pocket when he was shot with an AK-47; the iPod seems to have slowed down the bullet enough to prevent...

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