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Bump removes ability to share iTunes tracks in latest update

We see tons of app updates come through the App Store every single day, but it's very rare that one of those updates removes functionality rather than adds it. The latest update for Bump for iPhone does exactly that, unfortunately. Bump is an app that came out very early in the App Store's life...

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Bump can now transfer files in both directions between iPhone and Mac

Bump, the app that began its life as a way to transfer business card type info between two iPhones by bumping them together, has taken another evolutionary step today by allowing you to transfer files between your Mac and iOS device and vice-versa. The app gained the ability to transfer photos ...

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Bump adds support for sharing files via Dropbox

I remember Bump from its early days on the App Store, when it was one of the first "contact sharing" apps with a unique gimmick: where you simply "bumped" your iPhone to someone else's to share contact information. Since then, however, Bump has been steadily upgrading its app, adding lots of ot...

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Chirp iPhone app introduces sharing via sound

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is a story about some sort of jukebox from my House (of Crackpot Theories), but this is news about a real app called Chirp. What's Chirp? "Half Bump, half Soundhound." On your iPhone, you choose an item (photo, note, or link) and then you can share with every...

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Updated 6/3: Weber's On The Grill, Glympse, Bump, Stitcher Radio, WebEx

iOS App Store updates this morning: Weber's On the Grill: additional language support Bump: Faster photo uploads Glympse: Redesigned favorites view & more favorites features. Stitcher: Support for the Ford Sync radio. Cisco WebEx: Support for WebEx Beta sites. Hit your app updates ...

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Bump study: 90% of iOS users run 4.X

Bump, the folks behind that iPhone app that allows you to quickly and easily exchange contacts, released a set of stats about its users that says almost 90% of iOS device owners are already running some version of iOS 4.0 or above. Bump reportedly has over 25 million downloads, so we are talking ab...

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Bump adds music-sharing upgrade

Bump is an older app on the App Store that allowed you to "share" contact information with another local phone not actually by Bluetooth, but by simply placing the two phones near the same location, and then sharing the information across a wireless network. Now, Bump is apparently adding a new tric...

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Best apps for road warriors and business users

Business Insider has compiled a list of the 10 best free iPhone apps for business and the 20 best iPad apps for business travelers. The lists are pretty comprehensive, and just because you don't fly around from one meeting to the next doesn't mean you need not check them out. From Todo and Everno...

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Paypal app goes 2.0, adds Bump integration

Never before in human history have there been so many ways to part with your hard-earned cash. The spotlight might be on credit card acceptance tools from Square & Verisign, or the beta Venmo service's SMS-based trust network -- still, don't forget about the cagey veteran. Paypal is 12 years old...

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Boston creates app to report road problems

Since moving to LA, I haven't quite had to deal with the potholes that Spring in Chicago usually brings (not that roads are any better out here, but at least they don't have to deal with all of the freezing and thawing). But despite the yearly flat tires and ruined alignments, Chicago hasn't gone q...

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Report: iPhone, Android, Blackberry users use the same apps

I'm not sure if this is a fascinating peek at the way we're wired or an obvious conclusion based on reason, but I'll let you decide. Despite the fact that they seem to be polar opposites on Internet forums and comment sections, Android, Blackberry, and iPhone users all end up using mostly the same ...

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LinkedIn app releases version 3.0 for the iPhone

LinkedIn has always seemed like the "me too" of social networks, in my mind. They started out as a site more about careers and job networking, but with the big growth of Facebook the last two years, it seems like they're working as hard as they can just to keep up with what's going on over there. An...

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