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Apple releases (PRODUCT) RED iPhone bumper

Apple sneaked a new product into the online Apple Store, and while it's nothing big and exciting like a new Mac Pro, it might be something that TUAW readers who support the (PRODUCT) RED project could get into. The new product is a (PRODUCT) RED iPhone bumper (US$29.99), just perfect for your i...

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iPhone 4 owners who refused a free bumper case can now claim $15 settlement

iPhone 4 owners who didn't accept a Bumper case as part of a class-action suit regarding the device's antenna are now eligible to receive US$15 from Apple, AppleInsider reports. Apple initially offered free Bumpers in 2010 for a brief period. Those eligible for the settlement had to have been...

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Graft Concepts Leverage protects your iPhone 4 with ease and style

We've seen a lot of iPhone 4 cases here at TUAW. Most thin polycarbonate or TPU cases are pretty much the same -- brute force them on to cover the back and sides. Graft Concepts have taken the thin-polycarbonate case form factor and added something a little different with a top locking latch. Th...

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Universal iPhone bumper from Apple sneaks into Apple Store

In advance of the Verizon iPhone, it seems Apple realizes the old bumper won't fit. So they quietly stocked Apple Stores with a new, universal bumper where the hole for the mute switch has been enlarged just enough to accommodate both versions of the iPhone 4. Nice! We were wondering when this wo...

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Apple Store restarts bumper case sales

Thanks to a couple of tips this morning, we note that iPhone 4 bumpers are once again available in the Apple Store online. The cases, which retail for US$29.99, were taken off the virtual shelves during the 'Antennagate' free case giveaway period, just expired. Interestingly, Apple's product imag...

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Analyst: Apple's Bumper case program a win-win for customers and shareholders

Analyst Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros. says that, while Apple is likely taking a hit by giving away free cases and bumpers to iPhone 4 buyers (and the company is even extending the offer after the deadline to anyone who calls AppleCare), the program will likely be a win in the long run. Obviously, cust...

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Free iPhone 4 bumpers starting to ship

If this is a general trend (perhaps our readers were the first people to order their bumpers) and not a fluke, it could be a sign that canceled bumper orders are being rerouted to the free case program. Travis from Houston is receiving his bumper by the 2nd of August, and we've heard from other read...

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The look of free: iPhone 4 cases offered by Apple

As noted earlier this morning, Apple's Bumper refund & free case program is underway for the iPhone 4. While everyone knows the look of the Bumper (and the cheap ways to make your own), the third-party cases included in the program may be less familiar. Below, a gallery to fill you in. It's w...

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TUAW Braintrust: Choosing an iPhone 4 case

The iPhone 4 bumper/case program has finally launched via Apple's new Case Program application. Now it's decision time. Which case do you choose? If you're like me, you haven't really tested out a lot of these options in real life. I've used the Bumper for the past few weeks and can recommend it....

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Bumper cases no longer on sale, pending giveaway

As announced on Friday, Apple is planning to provide free iPhone 4 cases (either the Bumper case or other yet-to-be-announced models) to all iPhone 4 purchasers through September 30, 2010. Anyone who bought a Bumper already is due to get a refund. As the night follows the day, it would make sens...

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Apple offers free case as iPhone 4 fix

Steve Jobs just announced today that the company will issue a free case to every iPhone 4 purchased through September 30. If you've already purchased a bumper case for your iPhone 4, you are entitled to a refund. You can apply for the free case through Apple's web site starting late next week. T...

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The iPhone 4 Apple Press Event metaliveblog

Apple Press Event Welcome to our iPhone 4 live press conference event! Today we'll be metaliveblogging Apple's iPhone 4 announcements, adding our traditional TUAW twist to the proceedings. Will Steve Jobs offer a $29 bounty or free bumpers to all early iPhone 4 adopters? Or will the iPhone 4 its...

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Join us tomorrow: Apple's iPhone 4 Press Conference

Apple Press Event Please join us tomorrow at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) for a live TUAW blogging event as Apple addresses the press over its controversial iPhone 4 device. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to lead the event. The question on everyone's mind is, of course, will Apple be holding the ev...

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Consumer Reports: Apple's Bumper fixes iPhone 4 antenna issue

The organization's report stated that "With the Bumper fitted, we repeated the test procedure, placing a finger on the Bumper at the point at which it covers the gap below. The result was a negligible drop in signal strength - so slight that it would not have any effect, in our judgment." Consumer R...

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Estimate: Full recall could cost $1.5B

The possible, yet highly unlikely event of a full iPhone 4 recall would cost Apple dearly, according to Tony Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research. He has issued a report with a US$1.5 billion price tag as his best guess. However, that's not what Sacconaghi believes will happen. Instead, he suspects A...

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