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The Little App Factory - Pay What You Want

Buried amidst Apple's latest announcements is news to make your digital life easier. The Little App Factory, which produces very useful utilities, offered up a "pay what you want" bundle for five of its Macintosh apps via Paddle: Evom, Grappler, Ringtones, RipIt, and iRip. All of the apps work in ...

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xScope, Fantastical, more available for just $10 in new MacHeist bundle

The latest bundle from MacHeist has just gone live, and it's a good one. There are six apps in the bundle, and they're a steal at a price of just US$9.99: You'll get the great xScope measuring tools for designers, Fantastical's excellent calendar app, Boinx's stupendous iStopMotion, tutorial-ma...

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Enter to win MacUpdate's Spring Bundle

I bought the MacUpdate Spring Bundle last week and it includes some great software (listed below). As usual, bundles are a great way to quickly grab a group of applications for an ultra-low price. In this case, the full bundle costs as much as just one of these pieces of software -- MotionCompo...

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Humble Bundle is back with pay-what-you-want on more great games

The fine folks at the Humble Bundle have posted another big deal for this weekend, and it contains quite a few solid games that we've covered here on TUAW before. By paying whatever you want over the next twelve days, you can get the original Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem, Uplink, and ...

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Parallels Desktop 7 gets the Retina Display treatment

Parallels has announced that its popular virtualization software is ready for the Retina Display MacBook Pro. Parallels Mobile was updated for iOS device Retina Displays earlier this year. The desktop software has now followed suit and is ready to let you see OSes such as Windows 8 and Windows ...

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MacUpdate bundle includes Parallels, Civ, ScreenFlow, ending soon

There's only about a day left as of this posting in the latest MacUpdate Bundle, and it's a phenomenal deal for sure. For $49.99, they're offering a cornucopia of great desktop software: Parallels 7, ScreenFlow 3, Civilization V (!), stream recorder Jaksta, encrypter Espionage 3, Speed Download...

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Productive Macs Bundle now available

Apparent Software has announced the latest Productive Macs bundle, a $290US stack of software for the low price of $39.99. This new bundle includes Printopia for printing to any printer from an iOS device, MailTags, which works in conjunction with to allow advanced file tagging and smart...

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Orange UK to bundle iPad with iPhone contract

Want to get both a new iPad and an iPhone? If so, it's time to move to the UK and take advantage of a new bundle offer that Orange UK has come up with. With the offer, customers buy an iPhone and associated contract and get the iPad thrown in for free. For example, a customer pays £66 (...

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Get productive for less with the ProductiveMacs bundle

It's a great time of the year to find software deals. Yesterday we mentioned the MacUpdate bundle, and today we're looking at the ProductiveMacs bundle, featuring (as you'd expect) a bunch of stellar productivity apps. Included in the bundle are some of my personal favorites, like Default Folde...

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MacLegion 2011 fall bundle now available

MacLegion has announced their fall bundle for 2011. This year's bundle features 10 Mac apps worth US$639 for the low price of $49.95. The apps in this year's bundle are: Corel Painter Essentials 4 RapidWeaver 5 BannerZest Pro 3 Postbox 2.5 DEVONthink Pro 2.2 Swift Publi...

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ProductiveMacs bundle features eight super apps

The folks at Apparent Software have compiled a new productivity bundle of eight apps designed to make your life easier. Individually, the ProductiveMacs bundle would cost US$221, but Apparent Software is selling the apps collectively for $29.99. Included in the bundle are the following applicat...

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MacLegion bundle focuses on utility, value

Mac software bundles come and bundles go -- some with an emphasis on pretty apps with limited shelf life, others with more of a gaming or business bent. It's not clear whether 'bundle fever' will still be with us well into the Mac App Store era, but depending on your needs and your timing, you ...

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MacUpdate Spring Bundle details and giveaway

MacUpdate is offering an incredible Spring Bundle for the next five days, and we want one TUAW reader to get it for free! The Spring Bundle's $49.99 offer features 11 apps valued at $381, which is a whopping 87% discount. For your fifty bucks, you get: Parallels Desktop 6.0 Divvy (only...

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Indie games on sale for iPhone (and a good cause)

The popular Humble Indie Bundle for the Mac has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and has become an inspiration for other indie developers looking to follow their lead. In that spirit, six independent iPhone game developers have banded together and are offering their games at a US...

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Holiday savings for designers with the Fusion Ads Holiday Bundle

The holidays have become rife with software bundles, bringing big savings to consumers (when there are enough apps in the bundle you don't already own). Fusion Ads is offering a bundle that will be of particular interest to designers. It's especially pertinent to web designers, but any designer who ...

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