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Comixology adds options for subscriptions and bundles (update: Web app only)

Comixology is, as we've discussed here before, basically the premiere app for comic books on Apple's iPad. And now, the app (well, the web app at least) is adding one more feature to its already long list. Starting today, you can subscribe to your favorite comics right inside the app's web stor...

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MacUpdate bundle offers a variety of Mac apps in time for Christmas

For those looking to gift a suite of Mac apps to others, or to yourself, for Christmas, MacUpdate has its December bundle running through Dec. 21. The included apps this time are TechTool Pro 6, TotalFinder, Postbox 3, FontPack Pro Master Collection + FontBoss Font Management Utility, Labels ...

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MacUpdate bundle offers 11 apps for $49

MacUpdate is doing it again. That is, they're offering a bunch of great Mac software in one single bundle that costs just $49.99. So what's in the bundle? Here we go: Toast 11 Titanium, Data Rescue 3, FX Photo Studio Pro 2.0, Fantastical, iStat Menus, PhoneView, Concealer, EarthDesk, Mellel and...

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Mac Sale and MacBasket offer up Mac app bundles

The Mac App Store is set to change the way you download and use a lot of software on your Mac, but one thing I hope it doesn't change is the tradition of the Mac software bundle sale. Bundling up indie software and selling it for a relatively huge discount is something that, in my experience, tends ...

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TUAW's Daily App: The Ultimate Alphabet

Today's app is going to blow your mind. Back in 1986, artist Mike Wilks published a book called The Ultimate Alphabet, which featured 26 different paintings, each filled with items that corresponded to the letters of the alphabet; the letter A painting contains airplanes, ants, an apple tree, and...

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Macheist arrives. Again.

The latest MacHeist countdown has finished and, after a few tense moments as they got their ducks in a row last night, the new bundle is ready for sale. This year's "nano bundle" includes the following apps at an incredible discount: MacJournal RipIt Clips CoverScout Flow Tales of Mo...

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iStopMotion now Snow Leopard happy

Just in case you were waiting for the stop-motion app on your hard drive to be compatible before switching to Snow Leopard, you can stop waiting -- even if you're using some other program to do stop motion, iStopMotion is the best and brightest, and with the brand new update to version 2.1, it's com...

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Help cure diabetes, win great Mac software

Developer Jim Whimpey is riding a bike to cure diabetes, and he's asking for your help (and promising a chance at some great Mac software). For every $10 you donate to his upcoming ride in southern Australia, he'll throw your name in a raffle to win one of two big Mac software bundles, both worth al...

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MacUpdate promo bundle unlocks PulpMotion, deal ends tonight

The good news: against expectations (well, mine anyway) the MacUpdate Promo bundle has sold well enough to unlock the final application in the ten-pack, the Aquafadas slideshow creator PulpMotion. You now have until shortly after midnight ET to get the full bundle for $49.99; see my earlier post for...

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Adobe unveils new Creative Suite 3 packages - watch the live webcast this afternoon

Today is the big day, ladies and gents - Adobe has officially unveiled a plethora of new Creative Suite 3 packages and products, all of which are available for preorder now. With this new suite, the acquisition of Macromedia in April of 2005 has come to fruition, with all products now under the Ad...

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On TextMate extras

Like me, there are probably a lot of fresh new TextMate users out there in the audience thanks at least in part to MacHeist, so I thought it would be pertinent to point out a few helpful resources Allan Odgaard (TM's developer) maintains at macromates.com. Of course the searchable mailing list and I...

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ColdFusion bundle for TextMate

I spend a lot of time in a text editor. Sure, I don't code (much), but I write many, many things. Recently I have converted to the way of TextMate. Why the switch from my once beloved TextWrangler (which was free)? One word: Bundles. TextMate has this really cool feature called Bundles (duh) that al...

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