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Roxio releases Toast 9 with streaming

With their newly-updated Toast Titanium 9, it looks like Roxio is really embracing new ways of using media, moving beyond Toast's original disc-burning functionality. New features include AVCHD camcorder video conversion, support for creating Blu-ray and HD DVD discs (though why someone would want t...

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TrueDisc promises damage-resistant 'master copy' burning

TrueDisc is a new CD/DVD burning application that features "master copy" burning capabilities, for the creation of discs that are highly resistant to damage. TrueDisc (yes, the company shares the same name as its software) claims that up to 90% of a disc's data can be damaged before its software is ...

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Disco hits 1.0

Everybody's favorite funk-inspired disc burning application, Disco has hit version 1.0 and features a wealth of new enhancements and additions. With improved disc naming, a beefed-up Discography function, and minor interface enhancements, Disco 1.0 has seen a wealth of improvements to warrant the $1...

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Countdown to 1.0

Disco, the media burning application that people either love or despise, will finally be released as version 1.0 in just over a week. An official countdown timer has been added to the developer's blog to help you keep track. I've used Disco and I've got no major complaints. Sure, I could just use To...

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Free Disco for your friends!

But... only if you took advantage of yesterday's macZOT offer! I see as of this morning Disco is still available for $14.95, so maybe the freebie is still valid. Apparently when you register, the surprize (sic) is revealed: another license to give away to a friend. That's a brilliant way to spread t...

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Disco public beta and today-only macZOT price

Disco, the new burning app with so much buzz, has transitioned from a private beta to a public one. We've covered our fair share of Disco already, but to summarize: it has burning features that place it somewhere in between the Finder and Roxio's $99 Toast 7. One feature I didn't know about before t...

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Disco beta is out

Disco, the new burning software that's been blazing a name for itself, has entered a more or less public beta. Those who pre-ordered through a MacZOT that was featured not long ago should be receiving ticket numbers with which they can redeem a beta download, otherwise you can email beta [at] discoa...

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Burn - an OSS alternative to Toast

Toast is great, and Mac OS X can handle burning a few types of CDs and disk images natively, but what if you need something in between Toast's $80 price tag and Mac OS X's basic burning abilities? Burn might just be the answer you need. This open source app can handle CDs, DVDs, VCDs, various data d...

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iTunes to allow video burning soon?

I used the question mark because nothing is set in stone here, but TUAW reader Ann-CA tipped us off to a report at the DVD Newsroom that Hollywood might actually be close to lifting some of their over-the-top restrictions on DVD burning. This slightly loosened grip on their content could allow for ...

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SuperDrive Firmware Update v2.0 for some PowerPC-based Macs

Apple has released a firmware update for SuperDrives in a variety of PowerPC-based Macs, including: PowerBook G4 (12 -inch 1.5GHz) PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.33GHz, 1.5GHz, or 1.67GHz) PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.67GHz) iMac G5 (17-inch 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz) iMac G5 (20-inch 1.8GHz) Mac mini G...

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BackityMac update brings CD/DVD backup

We mentioned BackityMac 1.0 a couple of weeks ago, and since then it's had a minor .1 update with a big new feature: backing up to CDs/DVDs. As icing on the cake, BackityMac can also span disk images that are too big for the media you're using, putting that 'size matters' issues to rest. BackityMac ...

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