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Sync Services change in 10.7.4 disables BusySync, Spanning Sync

For many years, Sync Services has provided the backbone for synchronization of other devices to Macs running OS X. A change that was part of OS X 10.7.4 has apparently stopped iCal from pushing changes to Sync Services, breaking some very popular synchronization applications -- BusySync and Spann...

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Marketcircle gives orphaned NUDC users some love

A well-known software vendor is rushing in to help out Mac users who have become "orphaned" by the recent failure of Now Software. Marketcircle, developers of Daylite, have set up a web page on their site to help out existing users of Now Up-to-Date and Contact (NUDC) who may be looking for a new...

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Ask TUAW: Syncing iCal, Mouse Keys, encrypted flash drives and more

This time in Ask TUAW we're tackling questions about syncing iCal between two Macs, using an encrypted flash drive in a cross-platform environment, changing default applications, using the keyboard instead of the mouse, and more. As always, your suggestions are welcome. Questions for next week shoul...

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BusyMac announces BusyCal

BusyMac, makers of the awesome BusySync, has just announced its newest offering: BusyCal. BusySync is a great way to share and sync calendars across a LAN and sync with Google Calendar. BusyCal is a calendar application with the BusySync technology baked in. The screenshots have BusyCal looking very...

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Google Calendar CalDAV/iCal syncing now official

Although the plumbing has been in place since the summer, it's always nice to have an official announcement, and now we do: Google has gone on the record with its support for CalDAV syncing from iCal to Google Calendar. You can now gracefully sync your editable Google calendars with your (Leopard-on...

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BusySync 2.0 ships, adds Google Calendar

After six weeks in beta (not long at all in Google-weeks), the new version 2.0 of iCal-sharing tool BusySync is out. The headline feature for 2.0 is of course the new iCal --> Google Calendar synchronization capability, which opens up a wide world of cloud-based options for families and workgroup...

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BusySync 2.0 Public Beta

The BusySync 2.0 public beta is now open. We've blogged about BusySync 2.0 before (and we even managed to snag an interview with the developer during Macworld this year), so no doubt you are aware of the big ticket item: bidirectional syncing between iCal and Google Calendar. When BusySync 2.0 leav...

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Show floor video: BusySync

BusyMac had a good thing going with BusySync 1 and 1.5: seamlessly share and edit calendar info across your home or business LAN using iCal. Version 2 (due next month) features sync via the cloud-- so you can sync a work and home computer, even if you don't work at home. There's also Google Calenda...

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BusySync 2 to include Google Calendar to iCal capability

If you're iCal-based for your scheduling needs and you want to share calendars with family or colleagues, you're probably already hip to BusySync and the delights of iCal syncing Mac-to-Mac without a .Mac account. Now the BusySync team has announced a key feature for 2.0, shipping in February: Goog...

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BusySync updated to version 1.5

BusySync is a terrific utility that makes sharing iCal calendars easy across networks or the internet (we first wrote about BusySync in September). Simply install the preference pane on all participating Macs, and select the calendars you'd like to share. The next time you update a given calendar, y...

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BusySync for iCal

When it comes to calendar sharing, we're certainly not short of options on the Mac. Do you use the (very excellent) Spanning Sync and use Google Calendar, or look for something a little more industrial and wait for iCal Server to ship with Leopard Server? Whilst both options may be tempting, for use...

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