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UAE Cabinet has adopted iPads

The UAE Cabinet is now using iPads to "achieve speed and flexibility in decision making" says HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Ruler of Dubai and UAE Prime Minister and Vice President. The above picture, tweeted by Sheikh Mohammed, shows cabinet members already putting their iP...

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Taito is making its own iPad arcade cabinet

First ThinkGeek's iCade went from joke concept to real product, then Atari introduced its own iPad gaming controller. Now Taito, maker of legendary video game Space Invaders, is joining the fray with the InvaderCade. GameSetWatch reports the cabinet has only a single button and a ball-top joystic...

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iCade-compatible games listed

Touch Arcade has a list of the games on the App Store currently compatible with ThinkGeek's iCade arcade stand for the iPad. It's certainly more than just the one official Atari app that it was compatible with at release, but the list is still pretty short, with only 16 titles included: No...

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Spruce up your cooking with the Original Kitchen iPad Rack

If you've ever used your iPad in the kitchen, you know that the magical and revolutionary device doesn't always match up to the greasy, sticky, steamy reality of the cooking zone. We've proposed a few low-tech solutions to this challenge before, but when we heard about the Original Kitchen iPad Rac...

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Cabinet members in Saskatchewan getting iPads to reduce paper use

The Canadian Broadcasting Company is reporting that 18 Canadian cabinet ministers and five senior staff members in the province of Saskatchewan are receiving iPads in an attempt to get a handle on the costly consumption of paper. With the cost of the 64GB 3G iPad running about CDN$879 plus fees and ...

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iPad arcade cabinet built out of cardboard

ThinkGeek posted an iPad arcade cabinet as an April Fool's joke this past year, but gamer Hideyoshi Moriya actually did build just such a cabinet out of cardboard and hardware -- you plug the iPad into a dock, and then you can control software with the joystick and buttons via an Arduino board. You...

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