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Apple, Comcast, and net neutrality

Last night, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple may be courting Comcast for a streaming TV service that would deliver content from the cloud to an Apple set-top box. The report notes that Apple's (alleged) plan would be for its video content to get priority treatment from Comcast to the cu...

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Charging products from JustMobile: Review and giveaway

JustMobile's line of accessories that look like they could have rolled out of a lab in Cupertino just got a bit larger with the addition of two new car chargers -- the Highway Duo (US$39.95) and the Highway Max ($29.95) -- and a trio of Lightning charging cables; the AluCable, the AluCable Mini, a...

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Apple hires cable industry veteran Jean-Francois Mulé as engineering director

Several outlets are reporting that Apple recently hired Jean-Francois Mulé as an engineering director. Mulé is a longtime cable industry veteran and former IBM engineer, and it will be interesting to see just what he'll be doing at Apple. In a post on LinkedIn, Mulé indicated...

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A look inside Apple's Lightning cable

Apple's iPhone 5 includes a new Lightning cable that drops the number of available pins from 30 down to eight. Besides its smaller size, the new cable is also reversible and lets you insert the plug without worrying whether it's facing the right way. Apple says the cable has "an adaptive interfac...

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No new Apple TV this year? How about never?

I've harped on this before, but it bears repeating: Apple is in for the fight of its life when it comes to making the TV experience better. A new report in Bloomberg, citing a number of sources, seems to indicate it could be a very long time before this gets sorted and you're able to find episo...

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WSJ shares more details on Apple TV

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal leaked information about upcoming changes to the Apple TV. A follow-up report added details that suggest Apple may be working on a set-top television box with cloud-based DVR functions. It's a concept that is very similar to a design described in a rec...

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Apple's toughest nut yet: Cable operators

This may be Apple's trickiest move in its history. We've all been wondering for a while whether Apple really is working on a next-gen Apple TV that adds "television" (cable, really) to the box. In Walter Issacson's biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder suggested that the company had "fi...

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Thunderbolt to Firewire cable appears, disappears on Apple Store

The long-awaited Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter made its debut on Apple's online store this morning, but the product page appears to be appearing and disappearing at will. I wasn't able to see the cable listing, but Erica Sadun and Dave Caolo did; as of 11am ET, it appears to be down again. As...

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AT&T U-Verse iPad app adds more streaming video, more sports

AT&T has updated its U-Verse cable content app for iOS with more content than ever, allowing access to various video content, information like sports scores, and even the ability to share viewing habits over Twitter and Facebook to its users. In addition to all of that new material, the iPh...

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Time Warner Cable's app goes universal

Time Warner Cable released an official iOS app early last year that let subscribers watch live TV. Despite some early issues with channel agreements, the app is still going strong, and appears to be popular with customers. So popular, in fact, that the company has just updated the app to also work...

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Comcast launches live TV on iPad

There's a number of live TV-streaming apps out there for cable subscribers, and Comcast has added its AnyPlay service to the mix. Part of the Xfinity TV iPad app, AnyPlay allows subscribers with Xfinity HD Triple Play to access live cable programming at home via the iPad. Those who are traveling ...

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Cox Communications brings live TV to the iPad

Cable provider Cox Communications has a new app available for subscribers that makes it possible to watch live TV shows and movies in your home -- on an iPad. The Cox TV Connect app (free, requires cable subscription) brings live shows from 35 different popular channels to the iPad. While that'...

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MySaver keeps iPhone cable from breaking

The MySaver is a Kickstarter project meant to keep our iOS device cables from fraying and pulling apart. When it comes to iPod/iPhone/iPad cables, I've been one of the lucky ones. Mine have never frayed too badly. However I know plenty of people that have gone through five or more cables on a...

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iPhone navigation packages, in S-M-L editions

Thinking about getting Dad some directional guidance for Father's Day? Our package selections cover small, medium and large budgets to get where you're going. Of all the industries disrupted by the emergence of these odd touchscreen computers disguised as mobile phones, the standalone GPS market...

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HBO GO for iOS lets you play over 1400 programs from just about anywhere

HBO GO allows an HBO subscriber to stream over 1400 programs on a computer with a Flash-enabled browser, but just last week, a few days ahead of the scheduled May 2nd release, HBO released the HBO GO iOS app. This free universal app is pretty amazing. If you are an HBO subscriber and your ...

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