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An iPad cake that looks as good as it probably tastes

I've seen a lot of Apple-themed food items over the years, but this iPad takes the cake. [Photo credit: Michael Surran]...

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iPhone icon cupcakes look touchable, tasty

We haven't posted a really good iPhone cake in quite a while now, so here we go: Reader Tim sends in this set of cupcakes that his girlfriend made him for his 21st birthday, and boy do they look good. There are a few things that, as Apple obsessive, we would call out in there, including the fac...

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Apple cake pops made to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer

A baker in England has made these gorgeous cake pops (featuring some Apple logos and Steve Jobs's likeness) to raise some donation money for a pancreatic cancer charity. The pops will go on sale next Wednesday in London, when cake blogger and maker "Miss Cakehead" is set to open up a "Steve Job...

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Man eats iPhone 4 at New Year's Eve celebration

We admit, we tricked you a bit with that headline -- India's Krishna Kalyan actually ate a cake for New Year's Eve, which is not nearly as extraordinary (or painful) as actually chowing down on a Retina Display and an A4 processor. But it was a cake that looked remarkably like an iPhone 4 -- as you ...

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Edible iPhone birthday cake

And you thought that store-bought $10 cake you got for your birthday was cool. Sure to be the envy of Apple fanboys everywhere, Chris Samuels -- an independent iPhone and iPad developer -- received this detailed iPhone cake for his birthday from his wife Cath. Everything on (and inside) the cake is...

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New iPod commercials now on Apple.com and YouTube

You saw them in the keynote today, now watch them again in the privacy of your own home: the new iPod touch and iPod nano television ads are live on Apple.com and on Apple's YouTube channel. "All kinds of fun," indeed. (If you're a fan of NBC's Chuck, like some of us are, you may appreciate tha...

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Giant iPhone wedding cake threatens to devour us all

Or maybe it was devoured first? Jerry Brito emailed a link to his wedding cake photos, made by the good folks at Charm City Cakes. It's an astoundingly accurate rendering of an iPhone save one thing our own Dave Caolo spotted: four bars on AT&T? Wishful thinking, although in the context of a wed...

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RipIt yanks your DVDs right off the disc

HandBrake handles most of my DVD-ripping responsibilities just fine, but RipIt came to our attention recently, and as a simple one-touch way to get a movie off of a DVD and on to your hard drive (in order to, say, watch it on a laptop without lugging the disc itself along), it looks pretty simple. I...

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iPhone Pic of the Day

Happy Birthday to international iPhone hacker of mystery Nicholas "Drudge" Penree--but props to Drudge's girlfriend. She put together this iPhone-themed cake, complete with it's tell-tale jailbroken Installer.app icon. It looks too beautiful to eat but we're told the cake was delicious. The silvery ...

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iPhone in cake form

Call it the First rule of Confectionary Geekery, if you will-- no gadget is allowed to reach icon status until it is immortalized in cake form. This is another happening that didn't show up on our bingo card, but probably should have. Fortunately, someone's corrected the dire problem of not havin...

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Make your own iPhone, out of cake or LEGO

It would seem that some people just can't want to get their fingers on an iPhone (I'm looking at you, Dan). If you are a little crafty you can make yourself a placeholder iPhone to get you over the hump. Try this iPhone cake, which I am sure is much more delicious than Apple's iPhone (and I have it...

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