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Tag: calendars

Work Time is free today, gives your iPhone something to do while you work

Work Time (free today only, normally US$1.99) is a clever little desktop clock app keeps your iPhone busy while you're working, displaying upcoming calendar events, the current temperature and a weather forecast. Tapping on an event lets you edit it in the Calendar app or delete it. There is also a...

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Timeful is a new calendar app that reinvents how you organize your time

Timeful (free) has launched today after a long development and beta phase. The app tries to capture everything that vies for your precious time and stores it in one place. It can import and sync your current calendars from iCloud, Google, Yahoo or Mirosoft Exchange. The app blends to-do's, events a...

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Macworld's Jason Snell on the failings of digital calendars

For most of us, calendars are the cornerstone of our work and personal schedules. Though we own "smart" phones, the apps we use to track our days are still relatively dumb, argues Jason Snell of Macworld. In a lengthy article, Snell asks why calendars aren't more like a personal assistant -- ...

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Readdle rebrands its Calendar app, adds free version

Readdle expanded its portfolio of excellent apps today with a free version of its popular Calendars app. The free version will replace the paid version of Calendars by Readdle, which is now known as Calendars+. The new, free Calendars by Readdle is a basic calendaring app that lets you manage...

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Five apps to replace your iOS Calendar

Calendars are the cornerstone of our busy 21st century lives. Without them, many would not remember the long list of things they need to do and all the places they need to go. For some, the iOS default calendar is suitable, but many people want a calendar with a bit more oomph. Here's a list of f...

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iCalShare relaunches

After a long absence has relaunched with new search tools and an improved user interface. iCalShare is a site dedicated to sharing calendars for use in applications like iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook among dozens of other web and desktop apps. The site contains over 3,500 calendar...

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Beta Beat: BusyCal from BusyMac

The BusyCal public beta is out! I got a preview of BusyCal while at WWDC this year, and have been anxiously awaiting the chance to put it into action. As the developers state on the homepage: "Think of it as iCal Pro." The next step from the makers of BusySync, BusyCal offers a full calendaring sys...

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.Mac and Me rumors: TUAW inside look at Apple's next-gen service

What's next for .Mac, Apple's much-maligned online service offering for OS X users? TUAW has learned that .Mac will no longer be sold by Apple after WWDC, as new users will migrate to the new MobileMe service (not too shocking, given the swirling rumors as of late). Existing users will have their @m...

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Apple extends iPhoto book/calendar discounts

You may recall us posting about Apple's winter iPhoto promotion. This promotion provides 20% off of books and calendars. This promotion was set to expire on February 29, 2008; However, according to Macworld, Apple has extended this promotion until March 7 (giving you a couple extra days to stock up ...

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iPhoto books and calendar discounts

If you want to "cash-in" on all of those after holiday sales, look no further than your Mac's desktop. Apple is starting a new winter promotion for iPhoto books and calendars. By using two promotional codes you can save 20% on books and calendars through February 29, 2008. Apple says that the book c...

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Activation Video reveals some interesting details and... an 80GB iPhone?

Oh Apple, you're so sly with the way you slip in the useful (and sometimes bizarre) details with your iPhone demo videos. In the activation video posted today, more intricacies of what and how the iPhone synchs have been revealed with a walk-through of how to get one's iPhone set up at home with iTu...

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MailTags 2 beta gets major todo and event enhancements, goes 'feature complete'

Scott Morrison has released a 6th beta of MailTags 2, his quintessential tagging and organizing plug-in for that we're big fans of. This new beta heralds a 'feature complete' status for the plug-in, meaning that Scott has implemented all the new features and tricks that version 2 will ha...

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Full synchronization of iCal and Google Calendar coming via Spanning Sync

Spanning Sync looks to be the holy grail of true, two-way calendar synchronization between Apple's iCal and Google Calendar. Yes: by 'two-way' I mean 'you can edit the same calendar in either place and the changes will synchronize.' Nasty translation I know, so maybe you should go watch their demo ...

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Why wait for Leopard? Share and edit your calendars now with SyncBridge

By now you're probably picking up on a new theme of 'Why Wait for Leopard?' If so, good eye. If not: you really need to read more TUAW. In either case, we've tracked down another Leopard-busting app in the form of SyncBridge, which brings all the features of syncing, sharing and editing iCal calenda...

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Groupcal 3: manage your Exchange calendar from iCal

Are you a Mac user living in an Exchange world, forced to trudge through Entourage? (Don't get me wrong: Entourage is fine, but 'trudge' is just a good verb for dramatic effect.) Well trudge no longer with Groupcal 3, an addon for iCal that allows you to access, manage, edit and synchronize your Exc...

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