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Call Recorder 2.3 released

We use Skype for the TUAW Talkcast and recently, our host and podcasting guru (OK, not guru, but he is the host and we like him), Michael Rose, has been looking at possibly using Ecamm's Call Recorder 2 plugin as an option for recording our weekly talkcasts. I actually have used it to record both au...

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Skype Call Recorder 2.0 adds video

We mentioned ecamm's Call Recorder for Skype when it first launched, and now they've released version 2.0 with a major upgrade: video recording. Video and audio settings are independently configurable, so you can adjust the quality (included uncompressed audio) to meet your needs. You can also add t...

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Call Recorder plugin for Skype

Call Recorder from Ecamm Network is a Skype plugin that allows you to record your calls (interviews, podcasts, etc.) as two-track AAC files for that perfect 'edited for your blackmailing pleasure' effect (calls can also be converted to MP3 for the AAC-haters in the audience). A recent version update...

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