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How to get phone calls on your Mac in Yosemite

Chris Breen has a quick writeup on how to set your iPhone to route calls through your Mac (or use your Mac to make calls). Some important things to know: Your iPhone and Mac must be on the same WiFi network and you'll need iOS 8 and Yosemite installed on any target machines, plus an actual iPhon...

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Google Hangouts gets a facelift, adds Google voice and VoIP calling

Google Voice and Hangouts have coexisted for a while, and while Google has pushed Hangouts as its primary messaging and chat platform, news on Voice has slowed to a trickle. Now, as TechCrunch reports, Google is revamping its Hangouts app to include Google Voice functionality and giving the app a ...

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Line2 updated to add MMS support within its network

Line2 has an interesting premise - it lets you add a second phone number to your iPhone and turns your iPad or iPod touch into a VoIP phone. The company announced on Monday that it's sweetening its service by adding picture and location support for iOS devices. If your device runs iOS 5.0 or ...

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Live from Skype press conference at CES

We're live at the Skype press conference, where CEO Tony Bates is talking about a number of huge things for the calling service we all know and love. First they announced an IPO, which is huge news in itself. Read on for more news from the company. ...

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Where's my rollover data, AT&T?

You've seen the commercials and heard that they're "your minutes" so why is "your data" any different? The almost-too-painfully-obvious-to-even-say-aloud answer is that AT&T will make more money by not offering rollover data, so they aren't. I don't expect this will change anytime soon. AT&a...

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Want some video calling over 3G? Fring goes live for iOS 4

Hey there, sports fans: if you need to make video calls from your iPhone (and who doesn't, really?) but your phone partners aren't all FaceTime-savvy, there's another option. We're told that Fring just updated its 3G calling app to include 3G video calling, which means that you can make two-way vide...

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Is your iPhone 4 exhibiting proximity sensor issues?

I happened by a mirror while talking on the iPhone 4 last night and saw my screen lighting up, turning off and lighting up again erratically. I observed the behavior, worst when holding the phone in my left hand, for the duration of the call. I was more than a little irritated, as this was a featur...

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Study: Android and iPhone users show same usage trends, heavy app usage

A study put together by analytics firms comScore and Compete says that while Android and iPhone users probably aren't the same people, they certainly act like it. Usage patterns line up almost exactly across the board, differing by only a few percentage points in categories from social networking...

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