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iOS 8 returns a wonderful feature to the iPhone

On March 10, 2014 Apple released iOS 7.1, and with it made phone calls a little less fun to receive. Suddenly this. Became this. Even if the change didn't hinder functionality, it was an odd case of Apple implementing a solution in search of a problem. If you travel a lot, seeing a full scre...

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Street Fighter IV on sale for Japan, ChatTime offering free calls

We've already written a little bit about how Apple is helping out with the disaster in Japan, and a few iPhone app developers are doing their part as well. In a nice gesture, Sega has put some of its apps, including Street Fighter IV, on sale for just 99 cents. All proceeds from the sale will g...

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Yahoo! Mesenger app updated, offers free voice and video calling

The Yahoo! Messenger app has received a pretty significant upgrade today -- the app now lets you make video and voice calls to Yahoo! Messenger friends. That has a few interesting outcomes, the first of which is that you can now make video calls from any iPhone running iOS 4.1 to anywhere with a Ya...

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Worst Phone Ever chronicles dropped iPhone calls

I don't know exactly how useful this site is, but I'll let you check it out and decide for yourself. Worst Phone Ever is a site that purports to try and track all of the dropped calls being racked up on Apple's devices and AT&T's service. The idea is that you upload your dropped call log file, t...

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Call Recorder plugin for Skype

Call Recorder from Ecamm Network is a Skype plugin that allows you to record your calls (interviews, podcasts, etc.) as two-track AAC files for that perfect 'edited for your blackmailing pleasure' effect (calls can also be converted to MP3 for the AAC-haters in the audience). A recent version update...

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