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Apple announces iOS 8.1 with Camera Roll, iCloud Photo Library

As part of its October press event, Apple announced several upcoming features it is adding to iOS 8.1. The next major release of iOS 8 will see the return of the popular camera roll, which was replaced in iOS 8 much to the chagrin of iOS users. Apple also will enable Apple Pay, presumably i...

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Tangent is a new, first-class tool for artistic iPhoneography

Many people enjoy taking pictures of their world with their iPhone. Some of these folks like to take things a step further by turning their photos into works of art. One of the newest tools for the artistic iPhoneographer is Tangent from Ben Guerrette and Pixite. Tangent lets you apply artistic s...

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Latest iOS 5 beta brings photo album curation to devices (Updated)

Update: This functionality was present in Beta 1, sorry for the error. iOS 5 Beta 2 landed in the hands of developers last week, and details on the latest version of the mobile OS are hitting the newswire. One neat feature is the ability to create photo albums on your iOS device. In this be...

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iPhone backups a bit slow? Dump those images

If your iPhone backups and restores are taking a ridiculously long time, Apple suggests you take a quick peek at your Camera Roll. In a new Knowledge Base entry, Apple reminds users that photos are backed up each time you do a sync, even if there are no changes to the Camera Roll. The result can ...

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