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iPhone cameras are everywhere at one of America's best scenic spots

My last visit to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was in pre-iPhone days. My, how things have changed. I went to Bryce on a landscape shoot this week with my usual semi-pro equipment: Canon 5D, Manfrotto tripod and the usual gaggle of batteries, timers and other esoterica. I was especially inte...

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HipstaCase iPhone case perfect for Hipstamatic hipsters

The folks behind the Hipstamatic iPhone app are ready to let you take the old-school camera vibe all the way. They've introduced a Hipstamatic iPhone case called (what else?) the HipstaCase, and while it isn't quite as functional as that concept Leica iPhone case we posted the other day (it's p...

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Set AutoImporter's preferences for cameras and iOS devices

When I plug in my SD card, I want one thing to happen: "Get my pictures (and videos) off this card as quickly as possible." I don't necessarily want to import them to iPhoto or do anything else with them right away. I just want them moved from Point A (the SD card) to Point B (a folder on my Mac). ...

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iPhone usage metric for Flickr drops big time

We've posted before how popular the iPhone is as a camera on Flickr, with people uploading tons of photos, both shot by and straight from the iPhone. But now, The Next Web has covered a huge drop in photos referencing the iPhone over on the popular photo sharing site. The suspected culprit? Flickr ...

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Sony recalls eight Cyber-shot models

I hereby declare Sony to have had the worst 2006 year of any company. As if major PS3 shortages and being blamed for everyone's exploding batteries aren't enough, they now have to recall eight different models of Cyber-shot cameras that were sold between September 2003 and January 2005. The BBC is r...

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