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Sales of smartphones with 5-inch+ screens grew by a staggering 369% last quarter

A newly published report from Canalys relays that the market for smartphones with screens 5 inches or above increased by a staggering 369% during the first quarter of 2014. Of the 279.4 million smartphones shipped during the quarter, 94.86 million units (about 34% of all shipments) were composed o...

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Apple takes fifth spot in Chinese smartphone market

In the world's largest smartphone market -- China -- Apple's share rose in the first quarter of 2013 to make the company the fifth largest vendor. Numbers from research firm Canalys show that the release of the iPhone 5 and price cuts on older iPhone models drove growth of Apple's sales. Apple's ...

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If an iPad's a computer, then Apple is the world's PC shipment leader

Is an iPad a portable media device? A tablet computer? Something entirely "post-PC"? The answer, of course, is "it depends who you ask." Let's go ahead and define the parent category for iPads (and other tablets like the Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus) as "mobile screens that r...

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Android apps more expensive on average than iPhone counterparts

As an unabashed iPhone fan, I often ask owners of Android smartphones why they chose their phone over an iPhone. Answers have included "I like larger screens and styluses" (from a Samsung Galaxy Note owner), "There are more choices," and the ever-popular "iPhone apps are so expensive!" Well, a Cana...

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Canalys report: iPad sales drive Apple PC growth 241 percent in Q4 2010

The iPad is an in-betweener device - it's too big to be a smartphone, and it's not quite a PC. It can be a conundrum for analysts looking to pick apart Apple's quarterly and yearly earnings as there is no established category for the device. Some analysts have chosen to separate the iPad into its o...

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Canalys: iPhone most popular smartphone in the US, Android top OS

Tech analyst group Canalys has released a new report this week, showing that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the U.S., while Android remains the top OS. The group found that Apple's iPhone U.S. market share has jumped 26.2 percent since last quarter, making it the most popular smartp...

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Deutsche Bank says IT warms to iPhone

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore says corporate IT is warming up to the iPhone. In a research note published yesterday das analyst says, "There is growing evidence that the iPhone is making inroads into the Enterprise." Whitmore thinks Apple will sell 2 million iPhones to big business by the ...

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