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Preparing your old iPad for sale in five easy steps (Update)

It appears from the huge pre-sales of the new iPad that a lot of people are getting the new model. We've also heard from a number of iPad "recyclers" that they're seeing record numbers of people who are selling their original iPad or iPad 2 to trade up to the new model. Since I'm among those who re...

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Apple throws out plans for Portland store

Just as the battle for Apple Store Boston continues, ifoAppleStore is reporting that Apple has decided not to further pursue plans to construct one of its retail stores in Portland, Oregon. Apple initially showed interest in building a store in the city in November 2005, when it presented the city's...

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TUAW Tip: Cancel stuff

No, I'm not talking about hitting the Cancel button. I'm also not talking about hitting Esc. I'm talking about canceling operations. Ever had a page take forever to load, and you just want Safari to cut it out? You don't really want to close the window, just stop loading whatever wacky CSS business ...

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Apple beginning to phase out the 15" PowerBook?

TUAW has received a tip that points to the possibility that Apple could already be phasing out the 15" PowerBook. The tipster, whom we'll call Bob for anonymity's sake, manages an Apple B2B program for a U.S. institute. Recently, Bob noticed that, as you see in our screenshot, the 15" Pow...

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