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Tag: cancer

Play to Cure: Genes in Space lets you fly spaceships and aid in cancer research at the same time

Like most people, I enjoy video games and hate cancer, but seldom does the opportunity arise to combine those two feelings. Thankfully, Play to Cure: Genes in Space has flown onto our galactic radar, bringing with it simple space combat that actually helps the cause of cancer research. Yes. You...

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SAP co-CEO shares story of a compassionate Steve Jobs

Last week SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott told Jim Cramer that SAP was the largest enterprise user of iPads on the planet. In the 8 minute interview, which you can watch here, McDermott and Cramer talked about the iPad's adoption among businesses and the fact that the iPad is "the future." But one of...

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Research doubts link between cell phones, cancer

Back in May, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued the controversial results of a study that linked frequent cell phone usage to certain types of brain tumors. Now a scientific journal, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), has published an overview of similar studies that casts doubt...

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