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Apple, Inc. market cap now exceeds Walmart

Apple and Walmart have been playing stock market tag over the past few weeks to see which company's market capitalization would be higher. At the time of this writing, Apple's market capitalization of $213.98 billion exceeds Walmart's market cap of $211.14 billion -- a difference of $2.84 billion. C...

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Goofy iPod Accessory: iSoundCap

I guess the $2 billion iPod accessory market is inspiring everyone to snag a piece of the pie, no matter how... unique their accessory concept might be. Behold: the iSoundCap, a 'breakthrough' way to carry your iPod nano or shuffle. As you can see from the diagram, this stylish cap comes with a pou...

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1000 song hack for iTunes phones?

For those out there who find the 100 song cap (amongst other things) on iTunes phone a deal breaker, Engadget Mobile might have found your saving grace. A forum at MotoModders has the details and simple steps you can take to run a simple hack on any iTunes phone (except the v3i) to raise the song c...

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iTunes phone upgrades only for non-U.S. phones with < 100 song limit

I hope no one ran out and bought a ROKR or slick new SLVR after last night's post about the ability to upgrade iTunes phones. Turns out it was more or less a false alarm - at least for those who already have a phone with a 100 song limit. Eddie Cue, iTunes' product manager, got in touch with Engadge...

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Apple removing the iTunes phone 100 song cap?

I can neither confirm nor deny the legitimacy of this, but TUAW reader Jake sent us a tip with an iTMS screenshot detailing an upcoming possibility of removing the 100 song cap on iTunes phones. From the screenshot it looks like Apple might soon offer the ability to purchase what I would assume to ...

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