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Capacitive touch brush stylus made from conductive thread

Artist Margarita Benitez really wanted a Nomad Brush for her iPad but didn't have the cash for the actual thing, so she did the next best: she made one herself. Using an old brush handle and some conductive thread, she was able to assemble a working brush, and says it works better than expected...

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Maglus iPad stylus rendered for Fund.it, an Irish Kickstarter-like project

Considering the iPad 2 works just fine with just a finger for most people, I wouldn't have thought there was much of a mass-market for a capacitive stylus for use on the 9.7" tablet. But that hasn't stopped people trying, including a new Irish Kickstarter-like project called The Maglus. The M...

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Apple awarded patent for capacitive touchscreen-friendly 'magic' gloves

Apple received a patent for a glove system that is compatible with a touchscreen. Anyone who has used an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad in a cold weather climate knows the pain of having to remove a glove to answer a call or check an email. Even thin driving gloves impede your ability to use your iOS...

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Next-gen touchscreen displays may support gloves

Once upon a time, it was possible to dial a cell phone in cold weather without removing your gloves, provided the gloves weren't too fat and the physical buttons on the phone weren't too small. In this modern age of smartphones dominated by capacitive touchscreens, it takes either bare skin or pe...

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(i)Pawn is an iPhone game with screen-reactive pieces

This is one of the cooler things I've seen done with the iPhone's capacitive touchscreen. (i)Pawn is a game of sorts that works with a series of little figures on tokens that actually interact with the touchscreen itself. Most of the time, you need actual flesh to interact with the iPhone's screen,...

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New Apple touch display patent

Patently Apple has the news that Apple has filed for another touchscreen display patent, but here's the catch: this one's probably not for a tablet! Or at least, not for the tablet we're expecting. The patent, which covers the idea of a thinner and brighter touchscreen display by combining the touc...

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