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Capo for Mac gets a feature update, makes learning music even easier

A couple years ago I took an in-depth look at Capo, the music-learning app designed to reverse engineer music on your Mac, making music easier to hear, and therefore easier to learn to play. Capo has seen a major update since then to 3.0, bringing some big new features and enhancing the best of the ...

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A closer look at Capo, the app that helps musicians learn music

The tag line that follows Capo reads, "reverse engineering rock and roll." And that's exactly what Capo does. Capo is an app (Mac OS X or iOS) specifically designed to help musicians learn how to play music in an environment that makes it easier to hear what's going on in the music -- by revers...

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Capo 2 detects chords and tabs in your favorite songs

We reported on the original version of Capo a while back, and now the folks at SuperMegaUltraGroovy have released version 2 over on their website. The biggest feature in the new release is "a highly detailed spectrogram visualization," which basically means that they've implemented what the first a...

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Capo gives you play-along tempo controls for $39

Capo is a new app from the makers of TapeDeck, and it's the talk of the town amongst musicians -- it allows you to simply change the speed or pitch of any songs you happen to have laying around your computer, so that you can play or sing along with them at your own pace. We got a chance to try out...

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