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Friday Favorite: Voila captures your screen with ease, on sale now

Given the issues with my former screen-capture app-of-choice Skitch, I recently went on the hunt for a replacement that can grab screenshots and handle video capture. I've finally landed on Voila. While it isn't perfect, Voila offers plenty of functionality and does almost everything I need. ...

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Hauppage releases the HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition, now with HDMI

Hauppage has released the second version of its "Gaming Edition" Personal Video Recorder, which allows you to record streams of video from a television, gaming console or PC directly on to your Mac. We took a close look at the last version of this device, and it worked well, but completely with...

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Hauppauge's HD PVR Gaming Edition works, but with some issues

Game capture is a bigger and bigger business lately -- with YouTube views earning money for partner channels, indie devs needing to capture video footage of their games, and lots of players just wanting to record their own gameplay for various purposes, there's a big call these days for full, H...

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Daily Mac App: Screeny 2 let you capture video of your desktop with ease

Inevitably, there's going to be a time when you need to capture video of your screen. Someone might ask you to demo an app or document a bug, and you'll need have a reliable application to grab a quick video of your desktop. Instead of scrambling, you should be prepared and have Screeny installed ...

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Kogeto Dot takes panoramic video with the iPhone 4

The Kogeto Dot is an interesting little device. It's a lens that attaches to your iPhone 4 and allows you to shoot 360 degree panoramic video with the iPhone's little camera. Engadget tried it out, and they found it a little awkward -- you have to hold the iPhone perpendicular to the floor as y...

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Capture Skype video calls with SkypeCap for Mac 3.0

Earlier in the week TUAW reported on the release of Skype 2.8, which allows screen sharing and now provides better video calls as well. There are many different ways of capturing Skype audio & video -- we use eCamm's CallRecorder to record the TUAW Talkcast every week, for example -- but there a...

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Terminal Tips: Change your current screenshot format

Do you like using the built-in Mac OS X screenshot utility but dislike the format of the output file? With this simple Terminal hack, you can easily change the file format of the image. Open Terminal.app (/Applications/Utilities) and type the following command: defaults write com.apple.screencaptur...

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Skitch opens doors with invite-only public beta, begins sending out copies

We may have been playing with Skitch and teasing you with screenshot galleries since the app's debut at Macworld '07, but today is the day that some of you can finally start teasing someone else for a change. That's right: the plasq crew have officially opened the flood gates and have begun sendi...

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TUAW Review: HDTV with the EyeTV Hybrid

While we eagerly await the living room convergence that the now-shipping Apple TV will bring, it's not too soon to start building up that library of HDTV media. I recently got an eyeTV Hybrid unit from Elgato (that's Spanish for "the cat," you know) and have been merrily hauling down those airborne ...

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NetFixer - capture screenshots of entire websites

NetFixer is a new webpage capturing utility from Shiny Frog software, the same crew that brought us the fantastic Delibar. In the same vein as Paparazzi and Yoink, NetFixer employs some unique features: Very small and light app, only 240kb (Universal Binary) Shot directly from your preferred b...

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Capture audio and anything on screen as a movie with iShowU

iShowU is a versatile utility from shinywhitebox for recording video captures of your display (including any audio). Users have quite a bit of control over what exactly is recorded and how, including specifying a capture size and format, as well as 'mouse capture' and 'follow mouse' modes of record...

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Gawker - record, share, combine time-lapse movies with an iSight

Gawker is a really interesting open source app that takes a very simple, yet powerful, approach to capturing time-lapse videos from an iSight camera - be it your own or someone else's. As you can see in this image, Gawker can utilize smart networking abilities of Bonjour to see if any other Macs on ...

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