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hacksugar: Make your own iPad car kit

If you're going on a car trip and want to bring your new iPad along for the kids as you ride, you might want to consider putting together a super simple presentation system that fits easily onto any existing seat back or can be slung between the two front seats. Behold the iBag, which TUAW discus...

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Magellan Car Kit for iPhone nav apps coming soon to a car near you

After a dearth of car kits for iPhones and accompanying GPS navigation apps, manufacturers are starting to announce new kits on a regular basis. The latest news comes from Magellan, who will soon be introducing a new vehicle mount for the iPhone 3GS, 3G, and the second generation iPod touch. As w...

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Magellan car kit detailed at FCC filing

That was fast. We just learned Magellan was going to offer a car kit for the iPhone and it has already hit the FCC. GPSTracklog.com has a detailed drawing of the new device, and it looks to be quite complete. Magellan has said the kit will be on sale before the end of the year, and even give the iPo...

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TomTom car kit makes first appearance in the (UK) wild

It's here, at least if you are in the U.K. One of our readers tipped us that he was able to buy the TomTom kit for £99.95 from the Apple Store at Bluewater in Kent. The kit has its own GPS chip which is supposed to be more sensitive than the GPS chip built into the iPhone. The car kit is li...

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TomTom announces iPhone car kit pricing

The TomTom navigation app [iTunes link] for iPhone has been available since August of this year, but many TUAW readers have told us they're holding off on a purchasing decision until they can see how the announced iPhone car kit enhances the use of the app. The car kit, which includes a secondary...

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TomTom for iPhone now available in US

There's been plenty of hype and mystery surrounding the TomTom GPS navigation app for iPhone. Originally announced back in June, the app created by the popular GPS company promised to be the first of its kind... only to have competing apps from Navigon, Telenav from AT&T, iGO and others hit the ...

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Toyota released iPod integration kit

I guess this is the weekend of Apple car news. Leftlanenews is reporting that Toyota is finally shipping the iPod integration kit they announced earlier this year for current Toyota and Lexus cars. Much like the kits from VW, BMW, and others, it allows you to plug your iPod into your car via a Dock ...

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Mitsubishi offers in-dash iPod dock

Now this is cool. Mitsubishi's iCar features an in-dashboard iPod nano dock. Just slide the iPod all the way into the slot where the dock connectors are and control it from the car's navigation display. No adapter, no transmitter, no clutter. For now, the iCar is only available in Japan. Here's hopi...

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BMW updates its iPod car kit

Looks like I have to trade in my BMW M5 already (and by "BMW M5," I mean "Saturn VUE"). Earlier this week at the 2006 New York Auto Show, BMW revealed an update to their iPod integration kit. According to Left Lane News, you will be able to access your iPods' playlists, artists, ...

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Volkswagen to enhance iPod connectivity

Let's face it, people want computing power in their cars. We've seen people cram their Mac minis into their vehicles, and many manufacturers now offer factory-installed iPod connectivity as an option. Volkswagen must have been paying attention to both trends, as their new prototype interface demonst...

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DLO iPod solution coming to Volvo cars

I've been wanting a Volvo for quite a long time, though I must admit that my first choice would be a P1800. But, I guess the new ones are OK, too. Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) have announced that their in-car iPod kit will be available as a dealer-installed option (in the US) on several Volvo ...

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Chrysler announces iPod integration

Earlier this week at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, The Chrysler Group announced that iPod integration will be made available in several of their vehicles in 2006. The optional $175US kit will be availabe for most Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler models (more than 3 million vehicles in total) later this year...

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