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Pioneer demos new iPhone-powered in-dash interface

We first heard about Pioneer's AVIC in-car units back at CES earlier this year, but earlier today, the company was kind enough to drive a Land Rover up to my curb here in Los Angeles, and I checked out the system in action. The main unit, as you can see in the picture above, is a pretty standar...

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Reports: Issues with iPhone 4 and car stereos

We've received several tips over the weekend from iOS 4 users who are having trouble connecting to their car stereos. A search of Apple's discussion boards revealed that they're not alone. Here's what's going on: A number of stereo units from Pioneer, JVC and others are giving a "device incompati...

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Make your iPhone hands-free for less than the price of a ticket

In most states it's illegal to drive while holding an iPhone to your ear, with the average price of a ticket coming in at at least $100. Personally, I'm lucky since my Lexus 400h, like many cars, allows me to make and take calls through my car stereo. My interaction is limited to receiving calls by...

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A car stereo built for the King (of phones)

No, you didn't click on the wrong link. We haven't changed our name to The Unofficial Audio Weblog. "Why, then, is my beloved Apple-centric site doing a review of a car stereo?!" you're no doubt asking yourself. 'Cause this thing rocks your iPhone like you've never heard before! Sony was nice ...

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