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Proporta carbon fiber iPhone case gets the shotgun treatment, survives

We've heard of Lightning charge cables being able to deflect bullets, but here's an iPhone 5/5s case that's built with a carbon fiber lining that can take a shotgun blast at 20 yards. Proporta's Leather Case with Carbon Fiber Lining (US$59.95) takes a blast from "Uncle Barry's shotgun" and is none...

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Element Case Formula 4 covers your iPhone 4 in style

Element Case, the folks that brought you the Vapor aluminium iPhone 4 bumper, have released a polycarbonate case built around a similar design aesthetic. The Formula 4 features the same shaped iPhone 4 edge-banding that the gorgeous Vapor uses and adds a protective back-plate that's covered i...

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Giveaway: Two new Element carbon-fiber iPhone 4 cases

There's a new carbon-fiber sheriff in town, shaped like a pair of iPhone cases. Element Case is now shipping two new cases, and we've got the pair to give away to two lucky readers. First up is the Ion, which retails for US$49.95. It features a carbon-fiber reinforced back plate, high shock constr...

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Apple sews up carbon fiber whiz, could lighter devices be in the works?

The aircraft industry is in the midst of a major change from building large passenger airplane structures from metal alloys to building those same structures out of composite materials like carbon fiber. The result? Aircraft that are much lighter (like that Boeing 787 Dreamliner pictured above)...

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Rumor: New 11.6 inch MacBook Air on tap for this fall

Another new device rumor has popped up, this time about a replacement for the MacBook Air. Apparently, the "old" MacBook Air isn't selling too well, so Apple is looking at refreshing the line with a smaller device equipped with an 11.6" (measured diagonally) screen. A device of this size is begin...

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Carbon Fiber MacBook (not really)

So it seems like Apple has been going backwards in notebook materials. I remember when Uncle Steve was telling us that all the cool kids had titanium notebooks, and then along came the aluminum PowerBooks. Come on! Clearly recycled Coke cans can't hold a candle to the coolest airplane of all time. S...

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